Hillary Clinton Says, Muslim, American wife, That she and her children ‘Deserve to have something Better” That victory is “Dangerous” insults

Posted by: Newswalle

Hillary Clinton was criticized by Donald trump, the rhetoric of anti-Muslim, as “not only shameful and offensive” but “dangerous” was organized in the night of Monday in the city hall, the Democratic party of Iowa and Drake University.

Clinton’s criticism of REPUBLICAN front-runner came to Erum Tariq-Munir, a Muslim American who served in the U.S. air force and has three young children, and asked the former Secretary of state, do you have plans for the constitutional rights of all groups of people who desires to the edge of each community.

“The bad aspect of this campaign was offended by the language the Republican candidate, in particular, the front-runner, despises, humiliates different people. He has since has a wide network,” Clinton said trump. “He started on the Mexicans. At present time for Muslims. But I found it particularly harmful, as he said, about Muslims, American Muslims and Muslims worldwide.”

Trump drew the wrath of politicians on both sides of the aisle, to your proposal to ban all Muslims of the problem, which is in the USA Clinton earlier called the plan “reprehensible, prejudices and disagreements” I have the feeling that she leaned down to city hall.

“I constantly about,” she said. “This is not only inconvenient and contrary to our values, to say that people of a particular religion will never allow this country or the assertion that there are people of the Muslim faith who share our values. And not condescending and insulting approach, just ashamed and sad – I think it’s me, it’s dangerous.”

“This is dangerous, because Muslim Americans deserve better, and now his children, and they are the target Islamofobia, threats. I have some parents who said their children are afraid in school because we are afraid, how they are solved. And we are not able to tolerate it. And we need to stand up and say that every person in this country that deserves to be treated with respect, and we must protect them against bullying in the school.”