It's official: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are married

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are married.
After almost a week a Paris holiday, expert reality and rapper not so quietly tied the knot Saturday in Fort di Belvedere in Florence, Italy.
Rich Wilkerson Jr., pastor of North Miami, the ceremony planned during long-time friend of the Kardashian family and celebrity event planner Sharon Sacks wedding of the couple. Sacks also Kim's baby shower and wedding Kris Humphries created.
Andrea Bocelli sang Kim walked down the aisle by Bruce Jenner. The couple in front of a huge wall of flowers married.

Before the ceremony was Kanye typical nervous groom, obsessive swigging from a bottle of water and shifted his weight from one foot to the other.
"It was funny how nervous I was," an onlooker told People. "He knew the seriousness realized what he was up to. Was all smiles this morning, but as he approached, he could see that the nerves kick in. It is for most of the couples. Seen It All before."
During the ceremony, the guests broke into applause twice – first kiss of the newlyweds and after the presentation of the bride and groom. Kris Jenner was seen, wiped his eyes with a handkerchief in the front row. The votes were close and spoke softly, according to a source, and then Kanye was all smiles again and both he and Kim were glowing.
Escort cards (made of high-end LA invitationers teaching and black) directed guests to their seats for dinner on a marble table engraving. Cards – off white with gold (complements the color scheme of the entire wedding) – a representation of the marble table in them, which served as a focal point for the celebration. West, 36, and Kardashian, 33, first sparked rumors they were hoping to get married in Versailles with his frequent trips to the City of Lights. But decided the fashion newlyweds instead entertain their upcoming wedding with a rehearsal dinner at the famous castle Friday with his famous friends and family, then flew up to 200 guests in private near Florence Saturday morning for the wedding reception.
The couple and their wedding party were seen arriving in Florence, before it checks to their hotels, with Kardashian and her family near their stay in the Villa San Michele and the other guests at the Westin Excelsior.
The couple chose the Italian city for a very personal reason – who the baby North thought it!
The Belvedere di fort is an imposing fortress from the 16th century, which originally protected the town and the Italian Renaissance palace of the attackers.
The fortress, which five years later opened to the public in 2013 renovation is for its fabulous panoramas and exhibitions of contemporary art it houses known.
West and began dating Kardashian in 2012 and was engaged made in October 2013 after a proposal at home in San Francisco AT & T Park.
This is the first marriage of Western and Third Kardashian.
• With reporting by Mary Green, JD Heyman, JENNIFER GARCIA and STEVE HELLING
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