Looks at the Emotional moment with Three kids and foster children Receive the documents for adoption at Christmas: “you’re One of Us Now”

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Santa has nothing to do with the fact that in Oregon a couple!

Two days before Christmas last year, Sarah and Michael of the benefits of completing the documents to their three children. And with the holiday in close proximity, there’s only one thing for the parents would be with documents.

“We thought it would be a good idea to have your documents for adoption under a tree, Michael, harrisburg, Oregon, tells PEOPLE. “We thought it would be a big surprise. It would be the best gift she can give us.”

And the surprise was. In Facebook video, the benefits of which captured the moment Corbin, 13, Kierra, 8, and Damian, 4, each received their first Christmas gift – ready adoption of this document.

The Benefits Of Children

The video shows Corbin, showing honor, open on vacation, and then tighten the rollers. Michael, you will hear in the video, he proclaims, “you are officially the prerogative!” And the child heard, as he said, “you’re one of us now!”

The path to adoption is long, one of three brothers. Corbin, Kierra and Damien was on the benefits of attention about six years, so great day that much sweeter.

“It was very emotional for the entire world,” Mikhail, 35 years says his PEOPLE. “The whole world was hugging and kissing, smiling everywhere.”

Pair loaded, a moving photo on Facebook that day, but I didn’t expect happened here.

Left to right: Corbin, Damien (centre) and Kierra benefits in 2011

Sara Advantages

“It’s kind of an explosion,” Michael tells PEOPLE that video. “I was about three million visitors, and it was in may. This is crazy.”

And the season is in full swing, the video has received international attention, but, again, with several news sites, dedicated to the history. But Michael says that he and Sara first download footage “to share experience” with the family.

The Best Christmas. #fostertoadopt #siblingsneedtosticktogether #older Child adoptionis thebest #ourfamily is complete #Foster Care

Sent to: Sarah R benefits Thursday, February 25, 2014

“It is encouraging to read how many of the answers that people gave,” says Michael. “Share your experience I have had in foster care or are adopted, it is very pleasant to read.”

The Benefits Of Family

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Michael and Sarah have four children: Isaac, 16, and Caleb, 14, Isabella 12, and 9 years Juvanna.

Although his sons were over the moon about the changes in today’s life, Michael says that the gift is not over yet.

“I spoiled them safely,” he says, noting that even the kids got Xbox, video games, and “standard-pajamas.”