Matthew McConaughey and Charlize Theron to Make her animated film debut Kubo and the Two chains you See your characters!

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Matthew McConaughey and Charlize Theron to make her animated film debut and PEOPLE have an exclusive first look.

McConaughey and Theron things for the next film is Kubo and the Two chain – your first step from live-action film. But your decision to make the film, based not only on the expansion already impressive CV you an idea to make a film that could see their children loved.

In fact, if McConaughey 46 years, he was first Kubo script and Two lines, used them as tales for her three children to bed.

“He wanted to read, too little sections, every night,” filmmaker Travis knight said to the PEOPLE, to the editor this week, when he the reader to look at the trailer and some footage.

“It was the only way to the life story and relationships with their children, essentially turning it into a story before bedtime, to McConaughey family.”

Charlize Theron and Matthew McConaughey in Kubo and the Two strands

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Theron, 40, share a similar feeling. “He found that it was not something he could show to his son, but it was a beautiful story could be a part of,” said knight.

Kubo and the Two strands tells the story of Kubo, a boy who accidentally conjures a vengeful spirit and goes on a magical quest to find the armor suit once to use it for samurai-father and necessary for their survival. Along the way, stumble upon a strange variety of States, including monkeys (Theron), the sword in his hand, in mono, and the beetle (McConaughey), a large, muscular man.

“The monkey and the beetle turns into an impromptu family Kubo so how to go on this trip, and that this family,” says Theron and knights characters McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey in Kubo and the Two strands

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Meanwhile, McConaughey and Theron veterans participants are not, therefore, the transition from feature film-the animation was just so.

If McConaughey came up with the project, worried that his voice rises, the film should have a version of the mythic Japan.

“I was really concerned, as he put it – “Texas twang,” says knight. “So basically, get rid of it. This is interesting because, generally, Matthew is associated with a certain accent or twang, and moved from him.”

Knight adds that Theron, born in South Africa, an actress, have to do what even his own voice.

“They changed the accents in their natural sequence.”

But even knight admits that he was impressed with how well an economy hotel room for work as actors.

Charlize Theron in Kubo and the Two strands

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“There are many players who can do it,” he says. “But these are some of the best actors in the world, and from my point of view, thought has created the ultimate winner.”

“There were moments where I was listening to [record], and I was really excited. It’s pretty amazing.”

Also the performer of the main roles Rooney Mara and art Parkinson, Kubo and the Two chains arrives in cinemas. August. 19.