People from Alabama Received $2.5 million dollars of losses in Accordance with the drug, who Allegedly Gave the chest

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In Philadelphia, to Ask the jury on Tuesday awarded $2.5 million dollars in damages to a man from Alabama with autism who took antipsychotic drug Risperdal as a teenager, and also increased the size 46DD Breasts, loudly Thomas Kline, a husband and a lawyer.

“This decision is an important, publicly, because it gives the first time window real risks of drug use,” Kline,” said Philadelphia Daily News.

This is the first of the thousands of cases of this type across the country – from 1200 standing, both in the court Philadelphia, only the jury, Kline, tells PEOPLE.

Your client, Austin Pledger, now 20 years old, Thornsby, Alabama, is received with disabilities who are in the courts, so your mother, Benita creditors pignoraticio, explained about the consequences, instead he says.

“The testimony of his mother before the jury would break it down on the table,” he says. “And when the soul leaves it coincides in one towel, before he sees himself in the mirror.”

Spokesman of the drug manufacturer, Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, he sent PEOPLE in its press release stated that the company is “disappointed” by the decision and considering all options, including legal remedies.

“We firmly believe that this decision is cancelled,” said a press release. “Risperdal improves the lives of countless children and adults around the world.”

In addition, the company says that the drug is found, detail, side effects, and Pledger doctor knows about them.

But Kline, says creditors mother did not know the risks, if started in 2002 at the age of 8 years for the treatment of irritability associated with autism. The drug has not been approved for children and adolescents up to the end of 2006.

“She had no idea that I was associated with an increase in the female breast,” he says. “Austin is one of the weakest and most beautiful in our world.”

Austin physician, J. Mathiesen, suggests that he was known to gynecomastia, the name of the condition, you may refuse the use of the drug, after the ” Philadelphia Inquirer.

Austin just to get rid of her breast mastectomy Kline says that you did not, not yet.

“Not just now, about adolescence,” he says. “This choice is difficult, and especially if the child is fragile, like Austin, her mother was very slowly and patiently”.

Meanwhile, Austin is always with pride on the face, because he, like his father, Kline says, although in everyday life, sees that it’s her mother.”