The 1.5-pound premature babies are Born cruise 23 weeks: “it’s a miracle That you’re Here,” Says mom

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“It’s a miracle that you’re here,” Emily Morgan says your son Haiden.

You are not too much: Haiden, was born at 23 weeks, her chances of survival from 15 to 30 percent. To complicate things: that her parents, Emily and chase were on a cruise ship 100 miles from land and in 14 hours to the nearest hospital.

“The doctors we really say that he is a miracle child,” Emily Morgan told the Washington Post.

Morgans Ogden, Utah, was real busy Caribbean cruise in August, approved by your doctor, with her 3-year-old daughter Chloe in the trailer. During the second night of the cruise, Morgan went into labor.

Spent an hour, then two. After the fourth hour of contractions, Morgan, bleeding, and medical personnel who have ordered.

“I knew something was wrong, but I really don’t understand what is wrong. No, I thought we had opportunities. All I knew was that I for a child,” he said.

“I was naive. I never knew what would happen from there. … I didn’t notice that complications, and had no problems, and we have come a long way in the sea. Everything evolves as we continue.”

The doctor confirmed that Morgan entered, childbirth, warning that the boat was not equipped and offers a preterm birth and the country – Puerto Rico – was still far away.

At 1:56 am in August. 31, Haiden was born. “I remember I said, ‘I want to see my son”, “Morgan” – he recalled, and added that at a time when the doctor said, underwent an abortion. “I want to see, I don’t care if he’s dead,” she replied. Morgan himself was in danger, at one point the ship was not enough tongs for cutting their umbilical cord, and she lost a lot of blood.

First, it is prohibited to see how fragile premature babies, Morgan was allowed, finally, to the room with him. In safe hands, keep you dry and covered her little head with a towel women – improvised helmet that your child is losing too much heat through the head. Emily microwaved a bag of saline solution is fed and diapers with them to keep them warm.

Early in the morning, Haiden has developed dark spots on the fingers and toes, a sure sign of hypothermia. The captain promised that he was in port in Puerto Rico two hours before the photo finish in a race in which every minute counts.

The doctor, the flight prepared to from San Juan, Puerto Rico, as Morgan newborn baby in Miami moved.

Emily Morgan / AP

The ship came within 2 hours of the day, and an hour later, the family went to the hospital. After three days in neonatal intensive care, Haiden was good enough in Miami moved, where it remains, and it is expected that you keep up to December 19 (the original expiration date). Multiple infections and complications (e.g. a blow to the very heart stopped to gain weight, and it does not require a fan and needs that breast milk is pumped to the abdomen, two tablespoons into the syringe.

Morgans has pages GoFundMe to combat the rapidly rising costs of care and support to cover the costs for laying the family back to Utah to continue Haiden rest.