The city of new York the people Crushed by the Elevator, on New year’s eve After rescuing woman

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The fall of the Elevator crushed the 25-year-old man, dies in new York on New year’s eve, moments after he helped one of the residents of the building security.

Stephen Hewitt-brown, a resident of the Bronx, was a guest at 131 Broome street for a party, and the establishment in the Elevator was fully kept his girlfriend pregnant, sister and cousin, shortly before midnight, like a car.

The inhabitants of this house – he has three violations of the open building of the city Department to get to the elevators, according to the new York times crack the doors opened, and Hewitt-brown was able to push the woman, Erude Sanchez, an Elevator, before he ran away and crushed under the car roof and the third floor of the building.

First brown Hewitt, aspiring musician hit and piano, was optimistic that residents wish a Happy New year. Finally, however, he was heard to say, “I can’t breathe”.

He was unconscious when rescuers arrived at the scene and was found dead in New York-Presbyterian/lower Manhattan hospital 12:32 am Hewitt-brown’s family members and his girlfriend were caught in the Elevator, the lower half of his body, up to use of force were able to free them.

“I tried to pull it, but the weight of the Elevator he crushed,” Emmanuel Crowned, the son-in-law MS Hewitt-brown stored, said Times. “There was no hope.” He added that the group could hear the countdown for the New year, as we have tried using the Hewitt-brown. “I don’t want to think about it,” he said. “And I don’t want to see that happen again.”

131 Broome, part of the Federal programme for affordable housing, the Elevator was on 36 complaints in 2009, as the U.S. archives building. The last time was on 21 June, although the lifts were checked, recently, in September.

“He would have each of us,” said Madeline Gave 27 years, a physician’s assistant, who lived in the building for 10 years. “This is nothing new. I’m afraid to use the Elevator now.”