This University student Uses Extreme Couponing donations of More than $100,000 of supplies to people in emergency situations

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Hannah Steinberg donated more than $100,000 dollars goods in love with the ability that she learned in reality TV.

As a teenager in Scarsdale, new York, Steinberg episode of the series watched extreme couponing is the practice, widespread use of coupons and promotions you can save a lot of money by buying bulk products. She liked the concept, but left a burning question: What to do with this product?

“I saw all these people had these orders of things, and I was surprised that he was on himself and what he does with it,” Steinberg, who today speaks to 20 years, MAN. “It would be 50 cans, tomato sauce and never will be able it all”.

Inspired by the methods that allowed him to face the people in the show, Steinberg, do the extreme couponing to work the thing. To date, Tufts University, junior 100,000 food, toiletries and school supplies donated more than $to shelters for families, children in hospitals and international aid organizations.

Steinberg began collecting articles, while still in high school, as part of your school’s requirements service to the society, and soon learned that the monitoring of all the Newspapers download, terms of nomination and it was harder than it seemed. However, she did everything possible, and her parents, first conducted with the donation near the protection of the family.

The coupon is inserted

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“Of course, there is a learning curve,” she says. “I think that first delivery gave them three toothbrushes and a couple of yogurts. It was so bad, I think, frankly, probably not to save money, because I had no idea what I was doing.”

However, it was intended. To fill its 500 dollars, which saved them childcare in the company and put on sheet to accompany promotions. Investment and scored the game paid more than she was able to donate products much needed school things for your local shelter.

Inspired, she sent them to parents, colleagues photos of their first major donation along with your message. “I said, ‘If you donation of $500 to another love, it’s incredible, but $500 only $500 – let’s see what I managed on that amount.’ ”

One of Our vouchers for the party – delivery

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His tone worked. A family friend, even added to it, 501c3, so donations to charity, how do you coupons from Our account management would be taxable.

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Well, it all started on a whim a relaxing day at the secondary school became, in large measure, from Steinberg is.

“If you told me three years ago at the University I would like to do next, I thought, ‘no, this is absolutely impossible,” he says with a laugh. “But I think I just missed it, so I definitely think that as long as you need to make the Foundation to go on top, I’m either way.”

Hannah Steinberg, donating school supplies

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Steinberg said that her secret to even the score, their busy plan of the school – including twice-a bachelor’s degree in psychology and child development and his passion project is a combination of an Excel spreadsheet, free time, rest and the help of friends.