To Learn appointments 9 lessons from OkCupid the end of the year – stats

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Ah, Dating. What fun is a good experience that is always full of new and exciting adventures and opportunities.

I’m kidding. To find someone who with our brand in particular, features a dark, almost impossible effort, the thought of us keeps almost included in our room crying in a box of oreos on a daily basis.

Fortunately, OKCupid, at least there’s something to speed up the process.

Digital matchmaker has published the 2015 report card, and is full of valuable information for solteronas desperately hardened and millennials alike. Among these nine lessons, your chances to convert to an online profile in IRL appointments.

1. Whatever you do, say “hi!”
OKCupid data shows that message that says “hi” gets ignored as much as 84 percent chance. Really, is no surprise. Even if you don’t get an answer to the simplest of all greetings, it is likely that “Hello” or “hi”, all in one conversation, the less intriguing that the number of people in the subway car, and rarely leads to a real date. Break the ice with something that is for more than one word answers. Also “how was your day” is a challenge to the best “hi”.

2. In search of casual relationships? Moving to Oregon
Surcharge: 15: 51 speaks% the Oregonian users who are looking for casual sex, the state’s No. 1 takes in the connection with search engines. At the same time, if you’re on the road, in southeastern Utah, is the highest percentage of virgins in the country, which is 19.78%.

3. Find your inner Christian grey
The site saw a 5 percent increase in the number of citations of the candidates “have a desire to participate of slavery”, which from year to year. With 58 percent of all users interested in the handcuffs and whips, it’s possible that you take your time, think about whether it’s what your boat is (or rollers can swim).

4. Go on smiley, if you want to emphasize
The two most frequently used emoticons 2015 OkCupid the news was slightly smiling, reddening of the face (like this one) smiling and blushing face (ost), which is always a classic pinched finish one eye of a person from the top three. If you want to avoid boring your flirting partners, rather than relying on “emotional emoticons”, had the highest response rate of all. Messages by means of welding emoji that desperately face or sleeping emoticons was a success, the response it receives 40 percent of the time.

5. Not to be racist
A valuable piece of the quote and “all other spheres of life’ counseling. The questions that most users have selected as “important,” “someone must have formulated a strong negative bias for a certain breed of people?” and “what is interracial marriage a bad idea?”, this shows that most OkCupiders than his romance with one of the parties of tolerance. More than any other question, people said that the answer was not “no” to any of these two questions, one switch. This means that most Americans will probably want to avoid, Mississippi, 18 percent of OkCupid users said that did not agree with interracial marriage, more than any other state.

6. Learn the lingo
You courtship, fashion OkCupid users? Write down what the kids say these days. The use of the word “bae” twice in 2015, while “fleek” (dot) “phantom” (to abruptly stop all communication with one person) and “dad BOD” (circa-2015 Leonardo DiCaprio), it entered the lexicon. The phrase “from Netflix and chill” rose to the incredible popularity of 5,357% this year.

7. If not, you’re religious, online Dating may be your best choice
While 93 percent of people in the United States or an atheist, or an agnostic, 2015 in Pew Religious landscape of the questionnaires only 76 percent of OKCupid to set the date stamp will give, in the same category. So, if you are Dating in search of someone to go to Church on Sunday, you can have a little more time in their profiles on the Internet.

8. Keep it clean (more)
After the races in respect of issues, the largest smashing all revolve around health and hygiene. OkCupid users insist that a bath or shower are interested in at least once a day, and only because Netflix and the cold alien shooter with someone who brush their teeth twice a day and more. Number three of the issues often labeled important, “what’s your deal with harder drugs (stuff beyond pot)?” shows that most website visitors should have the other half who say, “I do drugs”.

9. Access to Taylor swift and the film franchise
Pop star was 114 percent mentioned a few times in year 2015 in 2014, so if you know that all the letters from “wild” because they have something in common with a large number of people in OkCupid. Statistics say that we already knew about films: America loves a good franchise. Five of the best films there is a link to the website this year, Hunger Games: Mockingjay, part II, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jurassic World, Mad Max: Fury Road ” and ” star wars: the force Awakens, all of them were reboots or consequences, and then make sure that it makes your mega-movie-franchise to speak anything in the first date.