All About Prince George Cozy pullover German Royals’ – photos Christmas – sale!

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It seems that Prince George take styling tips to her younger sister, which under the flag of luxury designer Spanish, as she’s 7 months, Princess Charlotte.

In its annual report the Christmas photo that published Princess Kate and Prince William on Friday, 2-year-old George was dressed in a blue Fair Isle sweater wore Spanish clothes luxury children’s label Finely Ejerique. Actually, all her outfit (except her trusty Start-Rite shoes) came from Germany.

Prince William, Princess Kate, Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Chris Jelf / Kensington Palace / Getty

“We are very happy!” designer-Finely Ejerique tells PEOPLE exclusively. “It was a complete surprise to see Prince George on our bridge.”

Festive design (also comes in brown) is currently on sale for only $32 on Margaret and co.

Since brand is only sold through stores, wholesalers and customers don’t can buy directly from them, Ejerique, where the clothes were purchased. And while the sweater has no official name, “can be, now that ‘George’,” said the delighted designer.

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Used, white polo top, cosy sweater was paired with a set Marina cotton shorts city hall, a Spanish brand like Kate it is clear, as George led, classic Chinese style shorts a few times. And, of course, George signed to the height of the knee socks lady Kate children’s boutique in Amaia (its co-owners, Amaia Arrieta, they were even in Russian) and keep your feet warm in the October cold.

Although born in Spanish nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo Studio that can affect your two boards, there is nothing surprising in the fact that Kate promotes a discreet chic, playing a German retailer for your kids.

“There are not many British children from brands today, following classic clothing. It is traditional but the cut is a little more modern,” Arrieta tells PEOPLE. “Children in Spain is always spotless and has a good reputation fashion for children.”