An enterprising man without a country Now accepts donations via credit card

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Money can not prevent you to give to the poor, when people begin after Abe Hagenston.

Hagenston, he calls himself “Honest Abe”, was homeless in Detroit, Michigan, for about seven years. Well, there can be adopted, using a Samaritan with a smartphone, a device for reading credit cards.

“I VISA, MasterCard, American Express,” Hagenston languages WWJ. “I’m the only person left homeless in the United States, you can take a credit card. Everything happens securely through”

Place the reader card will cost $10, but they come with $10 coupon. Supplier to pay a fine of $2.75 fee per transaction.

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Hagenston another creative manner was not improved to find her strategy for survival: He told WWJ that he and some other homeless have organized “as a Union” and changes in use around the world scratching their working hours begging. And last spring, has developed a website to accept donations and work connects people who want to work to hire for your event, homeless citizens of the city are ready.

Michigan, the man needs help, which can be achieved this season, mild winters, causes, typically the inexpensive buckets to reduce the concerts. “It’s really not just that we lack the snow,” Hagenston said about collecting money. “Of course, it’s not the snow gives eviction. I used to look forward to what scoop.”

Hagenston says they decided to help her to use technology, not only to him but to all the people without a homeland.

“I’m trying to convert this situation into something to help not only me, but to help others,” he told ClickOnDetroit. “Without native my business now.”

CBS Detroit reported, it had about 2,700 homeless people in the city last year.