Bill Cosby-Ego In words

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‘I don’t everywhere”
Bill Cosby will not Leave you Until you’re Finished. Yech. Read more ”

When I read the quote that you see here show the following bill Cosby, where the smell of their farts, so deeply that it’s pretty darn amazing that reality does not bend even in the center, I remembered to Say Funny HBO special a few years ago, where Louis CK, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris rock and Ricky Gervais (because I know that was just: “Wait, what?”) he did the discussion about Comedy. And anecdotes, was Louis CK to speak, for the first time has opened for Jerry Seinfeld in the 80-ies and said something along the lines of “here And now the funniest comedian in the business,” Seinfeld gekauten it after the show and said that they never enter the comic. It’s just built, the expectations of the audience too high, and even someone like Seinfeld to understand how important it is to small to tell jokes, to live. Therefore, it is very instructive to see how bill Cosby said to the press before his show in Denver, in no way explained, even more, his ego that video he disertaba reporter “sink” questions about your rape. About The Reviews:

Cosby told NBC, “What you see, tonight the story, you’ll see me on stage.” Comics not fit the recent allegations of sexual aggression directly. “You’ll see, this is the perfect gift on stage this night [show] because people in Denver,” said he. “You see, become a master at work.”

Was bill Cosby, literally, and said: people: me, on the stage of history”, because I “master at work.” Jesus fucking Christ. Who said that? Gwyneth Paltrow not to do this shit, and they fit into any conversation in which they are best friends with Beyonce. For those who tell me that it’s not the person, you can create your own legend, and everything he does, every rebuke. Especially sex with the unconscious of the vagina. It was there in the room with him. I wanted you only a wonderful gift! “Allegedly.”