Drivers Fight in Denver Again lethal: the motorcycle clubs to blame the Other for melee

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Denver police are still try to determine what caused a deadly fight between two motorcycle clubs in Colorado, Moto-Expo, killed one of the links and many were injured on Saturday when.

There have been no arrests in weekend from one body, the members of the motorcycle club the Mongols and iron Order Motorcycle Club, known for the participation of police officers and members of the armed forces.

On Monday at a press conference, Denver police Cmdr. Saunier, Ron said, “several parties invited weapons” in the dispute, but you weren’t sure who fired the fatal shot.

“At the moment we don’t know,” he said. “Come to the equipment. We rifle again, I hope the evidence we have. We still have a lot of research. We also have the evidence we need.”

Saunier on Saturday afternoon the battle was said “about territorial sort of verbal argument.”

Four people were shot, including 46-year-old Victor Mendoza, he died from a single gunshot wound.

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Meanwhile, lawyers for the motorcycle to blame others for the beginning of armed conflict.

Stephen Stubbs, the Mongols is, says the iron For a bike club called on the edge of the law group had a booth to sell t-shirts, the exhibition was the discussion led to the gunfire hit one of the Mongols and encouraged others to live.

“It was a struggle began for the iron order” Stubbs tells PEOPLE. “They were the only ones that had weapons.”

John C. Whitfield, attorney at law, iron – Motorcycle Club, says it was her, the Mongols, began a fight than a handful of members, iron discipline, were from the Expo.

“Our guys were afraid for their lives,” says Whitfield MAN. “He has nearly 60 Mongols, jumping on these guys and they, as you know, one percent of the club and not worry about violence. They were only trying to get out since. They were convinced that they would die.”

Whitfield ensures that the Mongols shot in the first place. “It was an ambush,” he says.

This is not the first time that the death of the iron shot was involved in the Moto Club. In 2014, iron order member fired a shot, which is deadly for one member of the Black piston motorcycle club restaurant outside of Jacksonville, Florida.

“This is because we are well liked,” says Whitfield, who is also a member of the club.

Former secret service agent began the iron Order Motorcycle Club in 2004, in Washington, DC. Since then, culture, gangs, clashes between them and the outlaw bike, or one percenters slammed, Whitfield, says he.

“Motorcycle-lore, if run club and wear issues of a three-part patch to resolve a major one percent club,” he says. “We have never done. Don’t like what some law enforcement in our club. Probably one of the greatest things that the problem. And you don’t like the fact that we in our military club and we are not racial discrimination.”

“Their world is not to hurt,” she adds. “We know that we have violated and to bear all the risk and our mentality is such that we stop all travel, and have fun, that’s all.”