For lady kitty Spencer is a Very Exciting day in the fashion week of Paris

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While most of us, we’re our morning is the best time to hold from Monday the remnants of the storm Jonas blades out of our way, kitty Spencer was just on of a new week decided more glamour, fashion.

Princess Diana’s niece and the largest of the three Spencer sisters, 25, have been Dior the script, Adele, today, when he visited the house of fashion season spring-summer 2016 haute couture in Paris.

And, of course, you not only every day, on average, on the catwalks of haute couture Stegen hours prior to long exposure, which models after the last loop around the track, Kitty day of Paris Fashion week is held only better and better.

Aristocrat start your morning with a French bed from the hotel is two steps away from Paris, close to the famous Champs Elysées.

Waking up in Paris

Photo released by kitty Spencer (@kitty.Spencer) 25. January 2016, at 1:04am PST

Next, Dior boutique, equipped for day, how to do it. “Decisions, decisions!!” Kitty, this subtitles add-on.

Decisions, decisions!! What to wear @dior Haute Couture collection spring-Ete-2016 today?! Thanks for today, @alineds75 – what a joy and so nice to meet you #pfw #dior

Photo released by kitty Spencer (@kitty.Spencer) 25. January 2016 at 2:05am PST

And what a set complete with a few jewels, VIP – version?

Forty found bling-bling!!

Photo released by kitty Spencer (@kitty.Spencer) 25 November 2016 6:22am PST

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Aspect definition trés chic, kitty, dresses from head to toe, Dior, chose a long white robe and white jumpsuit, along with the brand signature handbags Lady Dior.

Dior Haute Couture at the Rodin Museum wear @Dior everythinggggg

Photo released by kitty Spencer (@kitty.Spencer) 25. January 2016 at 8:26 AM PST

Dior dressed Paris, the Rodin Museum in sky-high mirror during the day, fortunately, kitty conquers us in ‘grams.

Dior For The Haute Couture Spring-Ete-2016

Photo released by kitty Spencer (@kitty.Spencer) 25. January 2016 at 8:56 PST

Inside, she was sitting in the first row (the spirit), Bennett between Swedish actress Noomi Rapace and the Lord Selfridge star SAI.

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff / Getty

And if that wasn’t enough, after the show, put a photo with an extraordinary architect Peter Marino.

Interestingly, met with Peter Marino today at the Christian Dior Haute-Couture show in Paris

Photo released by kitty Spencer (@kitty.Spencer) 25 January 2016, 9:02 PST

And Spencer wasn’t the only woman with a real connection is happening at Dior show – Prince Harry’s ex and aspiring actress Cressida Bonas was also there.

Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho / WireImage

Bonas smiled at photographers outdoor on the wrist with a very minimalist chic, white, stand-up collar and black skirt.