Hey, Chris rock: Here, As in the Oscars Needs

Posted by: Newswalle

Dear Mr. Rock,

The film as a journalist, I dream of not to tell, usually one billionaire comedian, as you do your job, but this is too important. You are not only in housing and the “Oscar”, it will be #OscarsSoWhite. Almost by definition, they are only black person punished to stand on the stage – it’s all about you, brother. The fact to remember that, as Wanda Sykes would say that the whites have been lookin’ at you. Much worse is the realization that blacks look at them – and Asian-Americans, Hispanics, native Americans, et. . Pressure is not achieved to be more. So, in a city where everything, no one can give him, ” saith he,” that no one can offer a couple:

1. Call Worldwide
Now is not the time for pride is not. Ye meet fun people while you can, and I don’t mean only black. Key & Peele, Kevin HART, Leslie Jones, Louis C. K., Amy Schumer, Aziz Ansari, Jon Stewart, all of you. Oh, and let them loop Paul Muni. Keep a sharp edge. We need cutters, a funny comment, and we have quickly. Every second was going viral, every joke needs the earth like the Hulk.

2. Party sacred cows
Just because you are not in the Academy, means that you can stop them there. Jada Pinkett Smith, will Smith and spike Lee need to some say. No one wants to hear rich people complain about shiny things that are not touched. You’re rich! Shut up! To depressed to go to your house, and leave the rest of us who would have to worry. I’m not saying no, I don’t only want to hear from you. Run ’em over, man. Tires Get em ‘in the back. Oh, and I want it for a personal favor, if you could save a few poisonous arrows for Stacey Dash. She is Sarah Palin from best rated ads.