‘Horror Ex’-student Allegedly Killed his ex-girlfriend and Another student, murder-suicide at SUNY Geneseo Just a week After the collapse

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Former SUNY Geneseo student “horrified” about the recent breakthrough of his ex-girlfriend and PAL athlete from the University campus houses the tunic, before she learned the edge, PEOPLE.

To make Colin Kingston, 24, Geneseo, new York, stabbed his ex-girlfriend Kelsey Annese, 21 years old, Webster, new York, and Matthew Hutchinson – 24, Vancouver, British Columbia, on the verge of death, suicide, Sunday, just one week after he broke Annese, Geneseo police spokesman Jeffrey Szczesniak tells PEOPLE.

“Lord Kingston has shown himself to be horrified by a recent breakup,” Szczesniak, saying that Kingston took the knife with him Annese house this morning.

“He has to buy earlier and take part in a scene with him. So we can only conclude at this point that it is threatened by the intentions with the knife, before someone gets hurt or even insult a woman, Annese.”

The police said that Annese and Hutchinson were in your bedroom, perhaps asleep, as Kingston entered the house, according to the Associated Press. Kingston, a former University student, killed them both and called her father to commit suicide.

Kelsey Annese (left) and Colin Kingston

Source: Kelsey Annese / Facebook

Police found three bodies in Annese off-campus house, just a few blocks from the SUNY Geneseo campus at 6:30.m. Sunday.

Szczesniak said that there were no signs of forced entry in the house, and “although some doors were closed and the back door was open,” reports AP.

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Szczesniak tells PEOPLE that the police received a call from a Kingston father at 6:21A.m. to say that her son told him that you hurt him can plan Annese and kill yourself.

Authorities say they believe the death occurred between 5:30 and 6:30 PM

Colin Kingston

Source: Colin Kingston / LinkedIn

Szczesniak, said at a press conference on Monday that Kingston recently suicide and comments or Kingston or other deceased criminal record, reports AP.

Student deaths occurred a few days before the start of the University spring semester. Annese, student, last year in high school, it was the commander of the school and played in the school’s women’s basketball team, according to a posting on the University website.

Hutchinson, even more, was one of the most important and geography member of the University hockey teams.

“This is a big sad day for the University and the people of Geneseo,” University President Denise battles said the AP. “We understand that members of our community not be such a tragedy differently. We will services in the field of counseling professional Kelsey teammates.”

Classes will be on Tuesday, but men and women basketball matches were moved, CNN reported.

“We believe that our students will be comforted will be more stability in your life as possible, even during the difficult period of mourning, the fighting,” said CNN.