Mother Died from carbon monoxide poisoning During the winter storm Jonas face time Was with her boyfriend minutes Before the tragedy

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For a few minutes last Saturday night, Ana Peláez has a FaceTime chat with a friend Sashalynn was Pink. Rose, 23, was sitting to keep warm in his car, with two small children than a Pink one excavated, their snow-covered cars during a winter storm Jonas.

“She said that the kids wanted to play on the outside,” says peláez PERSON. “She said she can start, the snow from the car.”

In the few minutes that you are told, nothing seemed inappropriate. “She was fine and she hung up,” says Peláez. “And then I got the message”.

As pink, 1 year the Messiah and 3 years Saniyah sat on a white, four-door, Mazda is hot, the exhaust is clogged, the snow was in deadly carbon monoxide and fill in our secure car, according to authorities.

About 10-20 minutes after getting in the car, rose, husband and father of two sons, he called one of the Windows. Woke up and opened the door to awaken them. “He could no longer scream and began to scream,” Passaic mayor Alex white said to the MAN.

“It all happened so fast, in 10 or 15 minutes, and [carbon monoxide] smells,” he adds. “Smoke was inside the car, that would be a red flag for you.”

Sashalynn and the Messiah died, while the young Saniyah remains “highly critical” to the condition of the fan in Saint Joseph Regional medical Center,” Weiss,” he says.

“[They] get the best – showed some brain activity,” he told PEOPLE.

Peláez, near Clifton, ask yourself whether it would do nothing to help his friend and his young son in the moments before his tragic death.

“I feel bad. If I knew, like, ‘Please, don’t forget to set your car.’ I had no idea,” she says.

Peláez, aged 24, he studied at Pink 10te class at Clifton high School. “She was the type of person who would, along with everyone else, in every conversation with them,” says Peláez. “She was so easy going.”

If Pelaez was pregnant and she gave birth to their now 7-year-old daughter, Pink “always there,” she says.

And then, when the rose of his mother, wife and their children spending countless hours together they visit parks and Chuck E. cheese’s – share a meal and memories with their families.

“She was an incredible mother,” says Peláez. “If you saw, you saw children with her. You’ve never had, not with them.”

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Author Sashalynn Pink, Sunday, 3. August 2014

As was Bonilla, who works in a restaurant, store, grocery, says Peláez. “They were always together, never was, only one of them,” she says. “He was always with his children. They were always a team.”

The couple was not married, but lived together and were partners for many years, she says. “As you know, then they were small children,” Pelaez. “They were each other love of his life.”

Two days ago, Peláez went to the hospital and saw Bonilla and little Saniyah. “He’s strong,” said Peláez who tells her father that it hurts. “He is very strong. I wouldn’t be able to do it. I don’t know the prayers, as must be all through.”

Rose Pelaez and dreamed of one day working in the hospital. Rose was in school, the nurse in the practice with a license, and Peláez is the examination of patients. “We have a goal,” she says. “We always talked about him.”

Before the snowfalls, snowstorms and tragic death, has gathered Pink Peláez and brought them back to Passaic. Two friends and talked for hours Peláez came to spend time with the Messiah, with the nickname “baby” MO”. He also spent time with Pink near extended family. It was the first time that the friends saw each other for a few weeks, because Peláez was visiting family in Colombia.

“I was so happy to see you,” she says. “I had the opportunity to see little Mo and the Messiah – I was so happy.”

Now Peláez full of pain unimaginable. “It’s so hard to believe,” he says. “I’m still in shock.”

Pelaez hope that the death of Rose and the Messiah will be to educate others about the dangers of exhaust gases from the snow and completely as this can be fatal if the car is running.

“Me and my mother to pray,” she adds, “and we hope that the best news for right now.”