Nicole brown Simpson’s sister Tanya Says a New series about O. J. Simpson’s sentence for the murder: “Who is to protect My sister?’

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On the night of 12. found June 1994 Nicole brown Simpson, 35, and Ronald Goldman, 25, were brutally killed in the yard of his Brentwood, California. etw. The killing was surprised by the quiet, exclusive community – as the arrest of Nicole’s former husband O. J. Simpson, a famous and beloved star of American football that made you, still known for its roles in commercials and naked gun movies. And until the world saw on live TV, O. J. was found guilty of murder in the court decision is followed by millions.

“My God, said what a circus”, Nicole’s sister Tanya, 46 years old, MAN. “It was crazy”.

At The Beginning Of Feb. 2, FX is starting to pass people V. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story, a fascinating 10-part series that famous sample with the distribution of the star, including Cuba Gooding Jr. says. as Jay Simpson, John Travolta as lawyer Robert Shapiro and Sarah Paulson than Prosecutor Marcia Clark. The series depicts the victim “out of respect”, says Executive producer brad Simpson, adding that the family “wounds that never heal.”

But to speak in the family of Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman, PEOPLE who care about the series I cannot describe with precision, to love them, because no one approached them about the show.

“Not to take into account the families,” said Tanya says. “Defense is my sister?”

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Other persons close-wife Nicole brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in his life, death and trial that shook the nation to collect the amount of this week PEOPLE, on sale Friday.
Ron’s father Fred Goldman, 75-year-old questions as most of the exhibition will be fictitious.

“They created by their beliefs in the film,” he says in a box new generation will be presented using FX series. “Last time I checked, we rely on films from the facts.”

Executive producer brad Simpson tells me that it is not the intention, in which was involved the whole room, so.

“We used Jeffrey Toobin, 1996 – book with race throughout His life: the people V. O. J. Simpson and transcriptions section, as our leader,” he says.

The treatment was difficult for Tanya and her family, she says. “The loss of Nicole was painful for me, of course, but see my parents and children – come in, what happened was awful. It was my pain, actually.”

Despite the fact that they were way Nicole’s children, Sydney and Justin, now 30 and 27, well, ‘ says Tanya. “They are rooted so deeply,” she says. “I’m so proud to be and develop.”

For Tanja, the miniseries only brings bad memories. “I don’t want that in my family was my worst enemy,” she says.

Nicole and Ron’s murder and the verdict were “hell, but we survived and we are successful, but the craziest thing that I think will not disappear.”