Oscar 2017? The star was Transformed, with Director, Nate Parker As her Daring film About slavery birth of a nation “became the” miracle ” – success

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Maybe he was pleased when the brilliant Henry Lowe in 2007, the Great debaters, or let your attention as Jimmy grant, emotion, emotional sphere 2012 the arbitration court. Or, you could have.aspiraran him as KAZ, a COP, a couple display with Gugu Mbatha-Raw in the other side of light

Most likely, you know, Nate Parker with his incredible presence on stage. Expected to hear that he did behind the scenes.

Parker, 36 years old, just a couple of ambitious new skills to your resume, as the star, writer and Director of “birth of a nation the winners of the 2016 Sundance film festival audience and jury anymore. Birth, grabs song D. W. Griffith, I’m a racist 1915 film shows the 1831 slave rebellion Nat Turner, the African-American preacher, persuaded his colleagues from the slaves to rebel against their masters. Turner was a labor of love for Parker, who came first, was in awe of him, as a student at the University of Oklahoma.

The birth of a nation

Jahi Chikwendiu

“In College, if someone [an order] I was my hero [] to get the answer, without hesitation, was Nat Turner,” Parker tells PEOPLE. Parker felt the urgency, “a study that he and learn more about them and try to find ways in their lives could apply to my life, with respect for your willingness, injustice against their ideology, truth and faith.”

Turner was an academician, obsession, he was a professional, says Parker, even if he gathered all his roles in such films as Red queues and the secret life of bees. “Too often, as a black actor…you will get hundreds of scripts feels to submit, through the year, and the two of them and the experience of black men with the power and strength and integrity. And I had to find the need, not whining about, to be able with my art. So I began to write. I have a few finishing touches, but NAT Turner and his life was one that I wanted to deepen as a writer.”

Armada hammer and Nate Parker in ” birth of a nation

Jahi Chikwendiu

Parker played seven years perfecting your script, finally, send it to Sundance Institute, which he and other filmmakers that helped him, the voices of history. He presented Armed with a hammer, Penelope Ann Miller and Gabrielle Union on his occupation, then he took his film speedy 27 days in Savannah, Georgia. This is an incredible achievement for the first time that filmmakers. After all, he couldn’t even know that he could instruct him?

“Don’t you know it I funny!”, Parker says, laughing. “This is the truth of God. I never said I was a great conductor! I’ll treat you! But I’m just a high school coach. I coach for rings in San Marino, California. If you coach [adolescents], and then maybe they will be good, of course, come people who get paid actually, to do what you do.”

Nate Parker in 2016 at the Sundance film festival

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Next to your address, script, acting and coaching gigs, Parker also happened that the father of four daughters with his wife of almost ten years, Santo Sarah Parker. This is a touching echo of the form in which he grew up with four younger sisters.

“My father died when I was very young, so I was the head of the family for a very long time,” says Parker. “If the wine boil or the hair out of the pigtails to pull, for children up to the door of the school, I was alone – with my mother’s father was a figure for many young ladies.”