Photos (and details!) CSI-star Melinda Clark, Romantic wedding on the beach

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CSI-star Melinda Clark wedding on the beach: Exclusive photos and All the details of the romantics!
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Marriage is an adventure. You never know what life to throw at you and your partner during your trip of life. You all heard the mantra of inspiration that the sacred Union between two people in love. But for an actress Melinda mother of Marissa Cooper the O. C., star, literally, signs on the lot in your life, when she said, “Yes, I want” the doctor’s rafting man, Adam farmer.

Now, a month after you hooked, CSI: the immortal “star” covers all the exciting, intricate details — from the beautiful white organza dress that she wore to the beach along the corridor wedge flip flops (Yes, flip flops!) she wore the dress, its September again to people.

Just A Perfect Picture/Alan Merrigan

The star, 46, and her new man, 38 years old, tied the knot in the sand from the shore in Dana Point, California, in September. But long before they say, “Yes, I do” under an arbor of wood paddles (ode to the life of the peasants on the water), the couple gave the term spontaneous (and surprisingly!) scripts.

“We met when he was in a rafting tour on the river,” Clark said. “We were friends for several years and are caused by the nature and its love of nature.”

One will move in the future, when both decided to tie the knot, and decided to do it. Couple directs their common love for nature and “go with the flow” (a word game) individuals who in the process of planning a wedding, says Clark.

“We had a wedding planner” he said. “My husband and I planned every little detail ourselves– we were told, basically it is a beach party, and made us gourmet dowel-truck, feet in the sand and did it very casually.”

Just A Perfect Picture/Alan Merrigan

Clark said she wanted the ceremony took place just a coincidence that you can imagine, walking through a hallway leading to a spacious, no frills dress. “At the time, I just went for a walk, Cindy Crawford, [in] simple white dress,” said she. But, at the moment has changed after he saw that her dress was the first dress I tried.

“I didn’t want a traditional dress, and then, in a moment when I said, ‘Well, at least I’m real you several wedding boutiques,'” she told people. “It was at least half a dozen meetings in all the places around Los Angeles, and on a hunch, I and my daughter 15, for glamour – closet, and found all these models of dresses. It was the first dress I tried, and I bought it. The stairs and all my appointments because it was just perfect.”

Star with accessories for your dresses, ethereal white organza design with heart-shaped neckline and intricate buttons at the back, with some dazzling sky-high flip-flop wedges. (Wait, what?)

“Because we’re in the arena, and I think, as my husband, who is 6 feet tall.-4., I thought she was barefoot,” she said. “But a few weeks ago, [wedding], I just finished shooting for CSI we actress, to bring as many high heels for many years and it is so painful on my feet. As many times that suits us this great wedge flip flop, as well as the camera, we’re still on top, but they are super comfortable. So, seriously, at the last minute, wore these super-high, high-wedge Drinks, flip flops!”

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Just A Perfect Picture/Alan Merrigan

And to hold the ceremony in a relaxed atmosphere, Clark wrote his glam squad — make-up artist Lynn Barber and stylist Jeffrey Rubin — create the perfect Bohemian beauty of the bride look very similar to his own, and nothing but the characters you play on TV for many years.

“I just wanted to get my hair and makeup], in order to be super casual, Bohemian, ethereal,” Clark said. “One of the things that I learned when I was just a little more that I really kind of hippie at heart. I, Julie Cooper – Newport beach — he’s a man. I’m not a woman Heather [CSI], no doubt. I’m a hippie beach girl in California, so wanted to have it [my hair and make-up] to be romantic and beautiful, but not on top.”

Barber, who says Clark had taught him how to skillfully apply makeup, if you met on the set of TV in 1994, he worked with star to create a new face, look with a touch of pink on the lips.

As for star hair, Rubin, owner of Jeffrey Alan cocktail bar in the city of palm desert, decided to keep Clark locks long and a couple of braids braided hair on the side for an extra bit of structure. Blouses and t-shirts? Traditional veil, throws its own set of problems.

“We thought it was a good idea at the moment, but it ended as a kind of wind,” he said. “So, during the ceremony, my daughter was a long thing in his hands during the entire ceremony, so you can’t wrap around my face.”

Just A Perfect Picture/Alan Merrigan

So what’s next, what’s the lucky couple? To enjoy life, married, – says Clark. “I am very, very glad that this Chapter in my life,” he said. “It makes me soft. That’s what I was told my voice makes me soft.”

And as for a honeymoon? If you guessed that I will celebrate their wedding on a raft, well, well.

“We plan not defined as I wanted two things: We wanted to relax, and we wanted an exciting white water rafting on the river,” said the people. “And this is the rainy season in Costa Rica right now, so there is nothing listed, but it was something like Fiji and Costa Rica. But it’s of my daughter and working hours, so it might be next year during spring break, and all.”

She added: “Or we could do it in a week, we’ll see.”

When it comes to weddings, bigger than Melinda, what with electricity, or you below for detail agenda? We share it!

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