Take all the loot in the bag in which Celebrities that there will Always Be PEOPLE SAG Awards Party on Saturday!

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SAG Awards 2016: get key you a gift bag summary (and to enter to Win your Own!)
01/29/2016 at 01:03 PM ET




Screen actors Guild Awards on Saturday, and we know that already remembered most noticeable SAG Awards sees that you ever wondered what is the sign of abrasion and last a considerable amount of time swooning over Eddie redmayne. Now it’s time to get serious loot.

Brian Nichols

As soon as the red carpet came and presented awards nominated (Kate Winslet! Idris Elba! Sofia Vergara!) pour it into after Parties, looking for food (finally!) Champagne (yay!) and, of course, some impressive Goodies. And the PEOPLE and entertainment industry Foundation bash has a special killer exchange this year. Everything perfectly to win a fabulous bag, and they’re here to turn one of his own reads. What is better than walking, amazing bag with the loot, without belt in Spanx or slip on high heels? We are here to make your dreams a reality.

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To come visit the Dharma bag with Lulu full …
Tons red carpet L’oréal Paris to Transform products, including Advanced Exceptional hair care Oil, a cream, a Bulky superstar on the red carpet mask, Infallible Pro matte brightness in Shanghai Scarlet, Always Mat-Matic Eyeliner, Perfect age-Hydra-diet for eye – balm, men, professionals, Vita Lift moisturizer with SPF 15 and Sublime-Bronze-summer face cream, sun protection; 1 lb. Dunkin donuts and coffee; for example, the phone body; Float shiny $25 gift card; the box set DVDs from the Carol Burnett show; Isola body oil roll-ons; a coupon for one session; Komenuka Bijin shampoo and conditioner; LCM-the smell of the kit; forests of America map, indicating the tree was planted in his name; and magazines people, Entertainment Weekly, the Hollywood Reporter and variety.

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We must therefore press “enter” to win? Do it now!