The hero of the boy scouts, 12 and 13, shows How their wilderness skills and Quick Thinking Helped Save their scout leaders of a bear attack

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Two scout were honored as heroes after save your master scout to say bear attacks, what you feared the worst, but I knew I must act quickly.

In an interview with ABC News, Frankie, 13, 12, and his brother, Vicente Lepore spoke of the December day saw the bear and pull it from his teacher scout, Christopher Petronino, in a cave during a hike in new Jersey.

“I thought it was a serious situation. Still it will not do, [out] online, when we something, if we don’t act quickly,” said Frankie.

The brothers were the split rock reservoir in Morris district with Petronino, 50 Hiking and other boy scouts in December. 20 if black bear Petronino grabbed a leg and carried him into the cave, the Department of environmental protection of the state of new Jersey, he said.

“At first I thought that [Petronino] it was just a joke, but then I heard the bear, and I heard from him, [say] ‘911’, so I called 911,” said Frankie.

“The main thing was to remain calm”, – he added. Also the fire lighted a signal to help rescuers to your location.

Fire, together with Petronino barking dog who is afraid to move, according to ABC News. Authorities rely on the scouts, the bears curls by placing the kitchen near the entrance to the cave.

“It was very scary,” Vincent told ABC. Frankie hears the 911 call and says: “If we do not escape with life. I love you guys”.

Petronino was bitten on both legs and shoulders before he hit the bear in the head with a stone hammer, DEP speaker Bob Considine, he said.

The authorities said that they are 50 years old, spent about 80 minutes in the cave before escaping. He was transferred by helicopter to Morristown Medical center for treatment.

Just a day after the incident, Petronino father, Michael, told NBC News that her son was in “bad shape” and would be on a few hours of surgery.