This article has some serious problems with the word "problems"

Posted by: Newswalle

Slavery is now a "subject". Did you know? So that you do not have No problem, a tragedy, a horror or a hit, something to fix it, stop or fix the problem to do. There is only one problem, you can merely one aspect for or against, and have a chat about it.

Last week, human trafficking was also a problem, such as forced marriage, corruption in Afghanistan, and the backlog of 500,000 passports. While 500,000 people are probably the desire to be a problem there – their passports – many will not be out for some time, this is a bit of a problem, but not the kind that they want.

Okay, some of us for decades about this terrible, restrained, catch-all word to strike, hoping to limit their use. In the 80 years Rosemary listed his students, all "isms" to call a "problem": sexism, racism, feminism, because "problem" always reminded her blood flowing, several discharges, birth, offspring and newspapers, but all our warnings ignored and seek now. The word of the level of infestation has reached. Only an interview on the radio or TV, what happens is, is not filled with "problems" and only the new waffly kind, not that one either dry or proud.

I do not want to sound picky, Goveian or restrictions on the language that apply their development and fluency disabled, but if we allow that the "problems" to flood it will be soon, we talk about all mortal National Curriculum and corporate gibberish and the world will be a very sad place.

"If you knew anything about linguistics," Fielding said cocky, "would not mean with such ridiculous opinions, pedantic bore. Dr. Johnson also said that the language can not be fixed. Words what people think it means."

Well, that feeling, people bad. I personally hate the word "I", and if someone says (or "future" or "fighter" while we're at it) in the face, you look better.

"What will you do?" Fielding calls. "Beat it? Ha ha!"

I dare to come here and learn.