This is not blurred Jessie Nizewitz vagina that they demanding $ 10 million VH1 to air

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Note: The photo is NSFW

When Jessie Nizewitz agreed to appear on VH1 Dating Naked, I was under the impression that the producers blur everything out, even though everyone would shoot buck-ass naked, so you'll probably see some accidentally butthole. Or in the case of Jessie, some butthole and vagina (NSFW), which apparently cost him the love of his life and left another option to sue VH1 for $ 10,000,000. New York Post reports:

Nizewitz Jessie, 28, says he's from the manufacturers that their private parts would always be in the third episode of "blurred" in May promised.
So they stripped off down to her birthday suit filed with wet sand, the parts of her body and holding a wrestling-style movement WWE appointment sand, while the producers egged him on demand $ 10 million in Manhattan by a high power lawyer, Matthew Blit .
"I was lied to, manipulated and used., I was shocked," said the Post Nizewitz and explains that she began to mourn.

After the episode aired, Jessie began receiving text messages from friends and family to let him know her vagina was on TV and make all Hollywood is getting into it. But first a brief aside, as they are used to with a convicted pedophile who is literally what the Post decided to write next work:

The beauty of the island of Long Iceland has with the famous fashion designer Anand Jon convicted pedophile, who had worked for a who's who of Hollywood stars and their friends, including Paris Hilton and Jessica Alba.

Wow, that was fun. Let us now have the friend that got away hear!

He added that the show cost him a "budding relationship" with a man she had, can be seen for a month.
"He never called me back after the show aired. Would I hoped we could have had a long-term relationship. Was employee, Jews, about 30 years and more or less ideal," Nizewitz said.

When I first read this story, I did not get the ball Uncensored, but as my first reaction was, what the hell is wrong with the woman's vagina, the mere sight of which could cause a man walk in the other direction? So imagine my surprise when I looked nothing like a piranha plant slimy birth. Yes, it is kind of like a Thanksgiving turkey rare, but a kid on the bus told me this is normal. He said about something and pay attention to to find the "clitoris", but now I'm pretty sure he fuck me.