Thomas Rhett middle of His partner’s training I Want to Be Here As you are to Him for Bootcamp

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In the past two years, Thomas Rhett worked hard to get in shape and now he’s trying the same thing for you.

The country singer, 25, has partnered with Snap fitness and owner of five exclusive boot camp-meetings across the country for fans who want to become fit. He is also hosting social problems to promote “I Feel Good” health initiative.

“Not I always in the gym,” he tells PEOPLE. “But I noticed that if I take on the stage show I can make plays through the fifth song without a single breath. It was not because I was really not in shape, only that he is not in form. This was the main motivation for me you want to start on the form. This is my second full year of trying to live a healthy and the difference is huge.”

And as much as he wanted, washboard stomach, he also said that it was important to find a balance.

“I’m glad, grated or whatever you want to call it, but at the same time, I really like to try himself in a trap, from which there is no more than once a week. I’m going to eat a piece of bread, or I’ll drink a beer, and I will. with my friends a lot For me is more to be more healthy, to get from 40 pounds. muscles.

“And I love to eat! I love it, good slice of pizza. I love a good sandwich. If I can’t do these things, let it be one week where I go straight into deep water and eat nothing but.”