VIDEO: lady Mary know that Princess Kate! The stars Downton Abbey thoughts are real Special Set – visit

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Princess Kate new title of the Duchess of Downton must have on your thinking a visit to a decent hit in.

If the actual present at the trials in March, Kate, 33, has received a high rating, which should help Downton Abbey on the map in the UNITED States and around the world.

Creator Julian Fellowes called “the exploitation of members of Downton computer,” your support have big news in the US has caused a surge of interest.

While in the open part of the successful show shot in Highclere castle, which were of interiors at Ealing Studios in West London. And that is where Kate is in the last stages of pregnancy with Princess Charlotte – visits the volume, including hair and make-up. We also spoke with costume designer and ensemble members.

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“Play much less than you might imagine – especially if not all of the team here,” Kate said your visit. They have also seen “lovely kitchen” the invention of Ministers.

Princess Kate visits with Sopie McShera and Lesley Nicol

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Laura Carmichael, who plays lady Edith Crawley, told PEOPLE: Kate attends, “it was a surreal and exciting experience to work and be visited a member of the Royal family. She saw the program and loves-and is really beautiful.”

Princess Kate chats with Michelle Dockery and Joanne Froggatt

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As for actual favorite character in the show, Carmichael, General “Brendan [Coyle, who plays John Bates] and Hugh [Bonneville] goods that arguing over who was your favorite character. But she didn’t want to disclose.”

Three of the biggest stars of the show, Kevin Doyle, Michelle Dockery and Allen Leech, we talked with the guys about Kate visiting last week, promoting next season, the end of the series.

“The energy that was on the set incredible, it was magic,” Dockery told the PEOPLE, added that the two women and they shared a laugh over the fact that Dockery character she has a son named George, not to be confused with Kate, 2 years, Prince George!

Michelle Dockery and Princess Kate

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“There was a time when I told her,” is this funny? There George…. the future king!’ That’s just funny conincidence, also,” she said.

Unfortunately Dockery, to cut short his visit to the UNITED States, to be brief, to the death of your friend John Dineen.

Dineen, Irish single, died Sunday after a battle with a rare form of cancer.