We checked it out: muscle relaxation and recovery class taught by coach Kelly Osbourne

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We checked it out: muscle relaxation and recovery class taught by coach Kelly Osbourne

01/27/2016 01:25 PM ET




Exercise 24 Hours

What’s what: Try while the train is one of relaxation and rest of the class gives only 24-hour fitness sites across the country, based on the method developed by celebrity trainer Jill Miller (the one who works with Kelly Osbourne and Elisabeth Hasselbeck)
I tried Gabrielle Olya, PEOPLE writer and reporter

Level of difficulty: 2 (on a scale of 1 to 10). This class is used to put balls of therapy, which can be a bit hard in the right place in your body. Once you have found out, is a class all about relaxation and relief from your body, instead to challenge you, so it’s not “harder” (but effectively).

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I wasn’t sure what to expect when the lesson began, and I found a lot of balls of different sizes and flexibility. Fortunately, Miller was there to teach, and they talked to us about the different possibilities of using balls of different sizes to soothe and relax all the muscles from the top down our bodies.

“My approach is to self-care, fitness,” Miller tells PEOPLE. “The treatment train is a class best practices, integrated removes various forms that I teach – power, mobility, flexibility training, soft tissue conditioning and stress reduction strategies and techniques of correct breathing and how we think, learn”.

During practice we put in to appease a few bullets of size in the different muscles, and the role of our bodies through the balls of the muscles. It was especially great in my neck! I used mostly foam rollers before you to soothe pain muscles and balls provided, a deeper penetration into the muscles.

“Balls have three important properties that they are due to the fact that the foam rollers or ball – sports, good grip, is very flexible, and will be acceptable,” says Miller. “Grip creates friction, which helps to break adhesions or stiffness soft tissue levels in your body. They are flexible and fluffy, so that stroking the ball around the joint, crosses, instead of compression and pressure on the bone.”

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The class is ideal for heating or cooling, and these days, when you feel the pain, meetings of past years. I left quietly, with my muscle pain were significantly reduced.

Exercise 24 Hours

The verdict: I liked this class. Knew balls so effectively, in tension and elasticity of the tool?