Athina Onassis horse Dies In accident – show jumping

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Athina Onassis horse was killed after a rare jump accident on the night of Thursday was in the Credit Suisse Grand Prix event in Geneva, Switzerland. French-Greek-heiress, who led the 11-year-old Mare Camille Z, unharmed, local news reports say.

Onassis, 29 years old, and Camille Z were competing against a full of sand. After the failure with success clearly an oxer – a show of show jumping at the same time high and wide, Onassis, was torn off his horse and suffered a fracture in the leg in the back.

According to the Tribune de Geneve, requires 45 minutes for the teams, calm the animal and remove it in the ambulance to a centre veterinarian, where, after examination, the decision was made to practice the euthanasia of the animal. The accident brought to bring silence of the CHI-Geneva arena from the audience, the role of the reports. The event will be continued after an hour late.

Athina Onassis and Camille Z

Laurent Zebulun / Abaca / Startraks

A competition bridge of her youth Onassis mounted, Camille Z in the competition in 2013. The heiress and her husband, Brazil, four times Olympic rider Álvaro “Doda” Affonso de Miranda Neto, traveling through the jump of the track in the year, during the maintenance of the houses and stables, in Sao Paolo, Florida and Belgium. The only son of Christina Onassis, Onassis inherited the largest part of his grandfather Aristotle Onassis of fate, after his mother in the year 1988 by the death.

In this moment, Athina was 3 years old, and his legacy is assumed to have been in excess of $1 billion.

The battle for control of the heritage was a source of dispute two decades Onassis, it is said, with much antipathy to everything Greek.

In april 2013, the tried to sell Scorpios, his family, the private island where his grandfather married Jacqueline Kennedy in October 1968.