Cozy indoor birthday dinner Lea Michele

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Cozy indoor birthday dinner Lea Michele 09/02/2014 at 01:44 PM ET subscribe 0SHARES Reprint

Courtesy of The Claire Thomas Kitchy Kitchen

Lea Michele does not need cake Birkin bag or a therapy session jaws to enjoy his birthday: A cozy dinner with friends at home was the perfect celebration for the Glee star, who turned 28 on August 29.

Help plan to create back to chef and cookbook author Michele Claire Thomas of the Kitchy Kitchen in Los Angeles, a customized menu of seven different dishes. The orientation was acquired two decadent burrata (used in salads and lasagna Botha), a soup of cauliflower and brie-devil cake decorated with candles flicker.

Actress from the game table raved "Have fun with the most amazing friends and such good food What an amazing birthday!"

Because it is not really into a girl-night, until you have a feminine, fruity cocktail, Thomas chastised some white sangria with a syrup Winea and fruity roses:

Courtesy of The Claire Thomas Kitchy Kitchen

We want to jump on this Shota ofa burrata appetizer plate with delicious looking that colleagues with the height of summer and nectarines, rocket and mint:

Courtesy of The Claire Thomas Kitchy Kitchen

Thomas posted this shot while I prepare the lasagna, one of the two main courses was â € "is the best use of burrata we've seen in a while:

Click HERE for the burrata roasted tomato lasagna recipe!

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Michele was the kale salad Social Media classic seal of approval ("#yum" wrote) â € "is low by one of the centerpieces, occupied casually elegant pink, the well presented with glasses Mason Jar coordinates:

And if you have this decadent cake, the only jewelry you need festive flare a set of candles:

Hereâ clicka devil cake recipe!

Finally, for those of you who love to obsess over (he contradicted) a good menu, all the details are below:

Courtesy of The Claire Thomas Kitchy Kitchen

And while Michele tends to be very health conscious (feeding Instagram is full of images of virtuous decisions Toast Avocado cookbook and Kombucha Gwyneth Paltrow), sent Thomas desire indulgent birthday by Instagram: "I hope you have He had a fabulous birthday and had a piece of cake for breakfast, "he wrote in one shot with the actress herself.

â € "Lexi Dwyer

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