Files Yolanda Foster divorce David foster

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Officially Yolanda Foster divorce David foster, according to court documents, after PERSON.

The Real Housewives of Beverly hills star, who was announced Monday 52, Grammy, 66 years old, he separates himself after four years of marriage and nine years together in the month of December.

Documents filed that quote on Monday in Los Angeles: “irreconcilable differences” in the Department, and they say that the couple broke up in November. Yolanda spouses seeking alimony and attorney’s fees of David.

“Unfortunately, we have decided to go their separate ways,” said a couple of PEOPLE who declared in a statement exclusive, their separation in December. “Together we have shared beautiful and happy nine years. During this time we have experienced love, friendship and the problems that come with the administration of one marriage, race, family associations and health problems”.

After four years of marriage, Real Housewives of Beverly hills star and its composer and music producer husband surprised fans everywhere when it was decided at the end of their marriage. “We are grateful for the years that we spent together and I sincerely believe that we have filed Promotes the utmost” to PEOPLE: in December 2015 Declaration exclusively. “I hope that we are preparing the way before us all, what have we learned and with love and respect, always.”

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The call was a couple of years to Yolanda, who was battling Lyme disease. She spoke positively of David from the time of their separation, calling it a source of support for their health to fight.

“We had a lovely love story, which I appreciate, forever. Sorry, was not strong enough to resist the circumstances that told our way of” Yolanda, in December, when she called him to See What is Happening live. “The truth is that both worked through the difficult times of the best of our ability to judge so, what went wrong, I chose to honor the great moments that we solve the last nine years. There are a lot of good times.”

David praised, Yolanda, how to be brave, to your fights.

“I’ve always had and I have.with great respect and love Yolanda, which is why it is so frustrating to see the entrepreneur of the issues that prevents chronic disease,” David said to the PEOPLE, the statement only for the month of December

The pair were married in November. 11, 2011. Yolanda Mohamed Hadid from 1994 to 2000 married before. You Hadid and together are the parents of three children: Gigi, 20, and Bella, 19 years old and the son of Anwar, a 16.

David was married four times and is the father of five children from a previous relationship.