‘Fun grandpa’ Bernie Sanders: 5 Fun things We Learned Hanging in the candidates for the house

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First through the door, little Dylan Driscoll, 4, have to know one thing from his grandfather, the candidate Bernie Sanders: “are we monsters?”

His grandfather Bernie’s house in Burlington, Vermont, the “monster” is the last thing, and very soon, a U.S. Senator, he wants to be President, is to growl and chase after Dylan and his sister, they are 7, although they laugh and shout.

As The Washington Post, the Sanders portrait as “Angry grandpa goes”.

You Driscoll, Bernie Sanders and Dylan Driscoll

Martin Schoeller

“Everyone who knows him, knows that it’s true,” the Senator’s wife, Jane o’meara Sanders said that PEOPLE in one house, in one of the interviews for publication this week. “Sometimes they don’t in a bad mood with journalists, when they are putting important issues, but not with us.”

She said her other grandson, Cole, 11, “worried” for the bad press. “Cole complains,” you said that in his feelings-deprived of the love of a great father. Not! He is a funny grandpa.”

And his house is hidden full check: chiqui keyboard under the countertop in the kitchen, pink plastic play kitchen, the overcrowding in the door of the hall, swings, baseball and wiffle ball in the garden behind the house.

To see what PEOPLE Sanders when we spent the day in the house with him and his family lately?

Nobody Called Him “Daddy’

Bernie Sanders and his patchwork family

Courtesy Of Bernie Sanders

B, Bernster, Bernard, Bernie, grandpa Bernie, grandfather Burne.

Make your choice, but the only name of a family member Sanders never called dad was “”.

Jane, three children from his first marriage – Heather Titus, Carina Driscoll and Dave Driscoll – Sanders first knew as “Bernie” in eight years, he left his mother. Therefore, if the couple is married, “Bernie” is stuck.

Bernie and Jane Sanders O ‘ Meara Sanders (middle row) Dave Driscoll, Levi Sanders, Carina Driscoll and (top) Heather Titus, Driscoll néee

Courtesy Of Bernie Sanders

To say Sanders is the only biological son (with former girlfriend), Levi Sanders, all but “dad grew up”.

“When I was a little boy, I started with B. About It and was, subsequently, Bern and now Bernard. Or Bernster. I’ve never seen Bernie specialties. And I have never been called that before, dad,” says levy. “When I was six years old, I thought it was stupid. He was a friend, not an authoritarian.”

To learn more about our home – interview with Senator Sanders and his family, to collect the new amount of PEOPLE who sell now

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He was a Jew and played Santa
In the Sanders house in December was a big Christmas tree, decorations, lawn for Christmas and ornaments on the shelves, O ‘ Meara near Sanders patchwork-family – says Jane.

“Christmas was always a big deal for us, so Bernie learned how to do it,” she says. Even as Santa was dressed as the mayor of Burlington in 1980-ies for gifts for families in apartments with low income.

As for Jewish holidays in the Sanders side of the family, step-daughter, Carina Driscoll Sanders recalls always very private about their religion.

“Bernie would be traditions in such a way as not to really see much. The cookies and matzo fish balls came and said to him, “yeah. What happens”.

Sanders says: “spirituality is what I believe people to keep them, as a rule, themselves, so it’s not something I say a lot. But I am proud to be a Jew and to be Jewish is a very important part of my life.”

It was 25 years later with the help of engagement rings

The Day Of The Wedding, 1988

Courtesy Of Bernie Sanders

After not suggest, as she says in the cosy restaurant, car Park, Sanders cough a diamond ring, to her 25 th wedding anniversary and Jane, you.

Belated wedding ring described as the best gift I never had, says Jane, “He surprised me and said,” We want to go shopping for him.”

Bernie and Jane Sanders, 28. May 1988

Courtesy Of Bernie Sanders

To go, apparently, not your strong suit. After we left in 1981, Jane admits that “pre-shopping” for gift opportunities, with a friend who worked at a local JC Penney. (Men in the world, take note.) “She said,” Oh, why can’t you just come and show me that you like that I can highlight in it something like that?'”

Bernie and Jane Sanders, Dec. 21, 2015

Martin Schoeller

It is a country little, a little classic
Good stereo – American is to throw dust in the eyes – the only real Sanders, his family, he says. And what you listen?

“I hear all sorts of things. I like the sounds of Motown. I like country music, classical music Beethoven, you know, these guys. Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard.”

And Killer Mike, rappers who make campaign for Sanders in the playlist?

“To be honest? Not. But it is very, very impressive, my boy. Guy, very smart.”