Gay marriage is not equality, but a way to keep his mouth shut

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Now is the best time in history to be lesbian or gay? With the introduction of the Marriage Act 2013 (same-sex), Lesbian and Gay Legislative enjoy thesame rights as heterosexuals when she married. You canfoster and adopt names Same-sex birth certificates of children, enjoy the protection against discrimination and harassment in the workplace and join forces thearmed.

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During the celebration and discussion of the bride to bridal wear, no one seems to the institution itself, an institution which for centuries has restricted the freedom of women have objected to.

When I was young, wore badges and T-shirts with the slogan "YBA woman?". We were not the first to criticize feminist marriage. Stronger to marry authors like Sarah Fielding, Mary Hays, Mary Wollstonecraft and tagged marriage during the industrial revolution as "little more than a state of legal prostitution" and argued that the poorest suffer in all societies oppression in marriage and women at the same time under pressure . So, what's wrong?

During the 1970s and 80s, lesbians were more likely than they are now part of a movement of active liberation of women, become as a patriarchal institution in the much-discussed topic of marriage. There were lesbians against the group, which was promoted on the basis of heterosexual fabric of British society of Article 28 sentence be undermined. They produced a poster against marriage with the slogan: "They say that marriage is a bed of roses … watch out for the pricks" and organized several conferences and seminars to discuss the issue.

But in recent years there has been a distinct lack of discussion about marriage as potentially problematic for women. On the contrary, it seems to be today an almost total acceptance of lesbians.

I wanted to know if I a lone voice in opposition to gay marriage and if so, why. Last September I spent two surveys on The Guardian website (and a few other posts) to find out what is behind the widespread desire to marry, as was the case with many other topics. A total of 5492 participants completed a survey of lesbians and gays from, 4036 completed while others take, heterosexuals, so it is one of the most important surveys of attitudes toward homosexuality ever conducted in the UK. An overwhelming 89% of the 9528 respondents (approximately between male and female divided) supports marriage equality, which means that most respondents ofstraight and lesbians and gays, support of marriage for same-sex couples.

The survey also found that many of the respondents have the homosexual desire, "normal" and do not want to as "alternative lifestyle" living to be seen. A number of respondents who said "yes" to the question "Do you support (equal) gay marriage", remarks added about how the marriage it is the same to make heterosexuals, and waited as seen "the same."

Civil partnerships and marriage offer; show the most recent Office for National Statistics figures show that civil partnerships in the UK reached a record high in 2012, with 7037 tying the knot, and an equal number of gay men and lesbians who live together in select solid partner.

This strong support for gay marriage comes despite the fact that 93.01% (gay survey) and 93.69% (rectum) were aware of the feminist arguments against marriage.

Nicola Barker, a professor of law at the University of Kent and author of Not the kind of marriage: a critical feminist of same-sex marriage, she says sometimes as against equality against misinterpreted marriage. "What in the celebrations on" "is lost, that marriage to perpetuate not about equality, but for the privilege of" gay marriage, she says.

"Few feminists of the claim that David Cameron is to support gay marriage have been conservative surprised. 'S Same-sex marriage fits comfortably in the conservative ideology of the family self-sufficient and the austerity of the state."

The writer Shelley Silas, who is in a civil partnership with novelist Stella Duffy, said that both want to convert full bed as soon as possible, and they have always taken together as wives and called the name of the other; "I want to be able to the word" marriage "to say, and I know that in a legal context," said Silas.

Argue there, in this overwhelming support, an assumption, as some of my respondents and respondents that lesbian marriage somehow undermines heterosexual patriarchal narrative – but it works?

Is marriage not just a clever ploy to mention the most difficult, as the deportation of asylum seekers lesbian issues and anti-gay bullying spread still far to keep in schools and religious communities? While many lesbians are engaged and eager to, wedding lists, as it is reported on the pages of newspapers, we have lost sight of in our community who suffer in silence? A surprising 78% of lesbians and gays have been damaged in the course of their lives, according to the survey, more than a quarter of them suffer from physical attack.

? Writing in 1993, and since then the marriage is a path to liberation, the late Paula Ettelbrick, lesbians and U.S. human rights lawyer in came one of the great lines on state intervention relations: "Marriage is a great institution – if you are in the want to live in institutions. "

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