Jana Kramer blog: the child who Comes in Any time – it’s true she’s (I Hope Only that it Not Blizzard)

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Jana Kramer blog: the child who Comes in Any time – it’s true she’s (I Hope Only that it Not Blizzard)
01/22/2016 09:30 PM ET




Jana Kramer pregnant!

32-year-old singer/songwriter songs latest single “I Got the Boy” was certified gold and sits at 5th place in the country, graphics and named one of the best songs of 2015 in the New York Times, as Rolling Stone. His new album, thirty one, with 11 tracks, six of which Kramer co-authored. Stream registration here.

Before he moved to Nashville, where she lives with her husband, former NFL tight end Michael Caussin, and their three dogs, Kramer was an actress, plays Alex in One Tree Hill and guest performers on the night from Friday lights, 90210 and Entourage.

The couple married in Charlottesville, Virginia, in may and now they are expecting their first child — a girl! — in early February.

Kramer can be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @Kram girl.

With her husband camo to play in the snow – courtesy of Jana Kramer

Well, finally here. The whole world warned me, this time, the last few weeks is the longest and it’s true. I feel that the days will be made.

Courtesy Of Jana Kramer

I nominate my weekly checks go and every time I more and more long, this is just what I have more fear. The last time we went to the doctor, we were told that every day now.

Courtesy Of Jana Kramer

I begin, you’re in labor, but, unfortunately, disappear. Some stronger than others, and I want it more regularly, but I know that “every day”.

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My husband has a very good job with trying me busy. Yesterday we were pulling his leg messages, a goal and stormed to prove that I buy very boring, the laity.

She, ladies and gentlemen achieved! Haha

But honestly, I’ll do anything to keep me busy.

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So far, attempts from the beginning of contractions, I tried everything! I mean all that Flex from the knee the whole day and work with my trainer Erin Oprea (she also trains my friend Carrie underwood!), you walk down the stairs in my house, while my dogs look at me like I was crazy.

I tried pineapple, spicy food, and, of course, other fun things that I can’t write, but people say, it is assumed that it works. ;)

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I would like to say that my nausea was. Not. And honestly, only worse.

I Wake up every night and eat semi-finished products need to eat to calm down my stomach and frequent trips to the bathroom are so excited!

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But I can honestly say that it is a meeting with our little baby girl in me, makes it all worth it, and I can’t wait until everything is back to normal. After this is said, not immediately. I need my time with new wine.

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My husband and I, so that, in addition to the fear for keeping our girls. We finalized our hospital bag, nursery, wash all their clothes, car seats, and our heart is open stole.

I wish I could say when it will be, but I’m only hanging my doctor, the last words “every day”.

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Courtesy Of Jana Kramer

So here I am now building another house of LEGO and see what the snow. We get hit with a big storm in Nashville. If she’s a diva, she will come today, when the whole city will be turned off.

Come on, girl, we’re ready for it!!!

— Jana Kramer