REVIEW: v village. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story-a must See Gorgeous True crime

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There are media, madness … and this madness makes media.

You can find these differences if it is legal, circuses and celebrities of the crisis. O. J. Simpson-the verdict for the murder, the narration, in which he made a series of sensational idiots from beginning to end, it always falls on the second camp. Everything revolves towards the right side of the ellipse – sensational page, the page goes too far, almost unbelievable.

The case ended with acquittal for Simpson will be of two counts of murder, known as the “trial of the century” – the last – and in the first hour FX v village well. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story, you might think why. Or, if you’re not we were not in a white Bronco-street chase, Kato Kaelin (no, the name of a character less in the new “star wars”) or surprising moment when the gloves don’t fit, you’ll know why.

There is evidence of a century … and it’s proof of the century.

You can say what unfeeling that you are in for a treat. But to you. Co-Executive producer Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story) know how the juice and pulp of this fascinating Saga. You can also discuss how insensitive to Simpson’s judgment than it would be the biggest a grapefruit each time, grown and harvested in the nation’s history. But then again, the Simpson case had nothing to do with ordinary speech settings.

The opening episodes focus on fast, both teams scored, in the courts, the law and the opinion, the struggle around the question of whether soft, beautiful, kind, Simpson super-athlete, actor, famous person, a representative of – blame was one of reducing the death of his ex-wife Nicole brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman on 12. June 1994.

The cast of characters is enormous, and the cast is awesome, especially Sarah Paulson as the Prosecutor Marcia Clark, O. J. of the computer, as John Travolta, Robert Shapiro and Courtney B. Vance as Johnnie Cochran. The performances are terrific, sharply and in a sense, with auto-reflectively: the case of Simpson immediately presented itself as a showcase for all participants have a unique opportunity to seize the moment and (even better) in the center of attention – these were the functions that in his life.

These actors, actors.

Performance that you think is amazing, Cuba Gooding Jr. than Simpson. He comes to all the emotional notes right, but he does not see him or he doesn’t sound like O. J. as if it were, rises before us as a neutral template, which is expected to project our own views about the Simpsons – something like the game version of the Elephant man. This is odd.

However, it’s a great show. How Netflix documentary series, Making the murderer is a real crime that there is to see.

People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story is transmitted, on Tuesday (10 p.m. ET) on FX.