Rumer Willis: her DWTS Gave Me the opportunity to Tell My story

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If Rumer Willis was left to win the Mirrorball trophy after a 20 – season dancing With the stars earlier this year, marks a turning point in your journey to show the world his true self.

“It was the one thing that is very useful for me, which is connected to the real fans,” she says to the PEOPLE “black Label” – bacon Slings show in Las Vegas on Friday. “I always came to school thinking, ‘do you know me and I don’t like right. While I am well”. ”

Willis, 27 years, came with the verdict and “the Baptist” throughout his life, he comes from one spectacle to the family, so that’s what you’re used to. But, he says, his life is often misunderstood.

Celebrities, she says, “people created this image that we are animals in the zoos and they will fit in one box, in all things, and if she doesn’t fit into those boxes that don’t know what to do with them. Dancing in the stars, I was able to Express what I was, and myself, and tell about themselves. It was a big deal for me.”

The show, she says, sending their confidence is “100 percent”, and brought them to look for other companies, like starring in Chicago on Broadway.

“It was the best time, honestly,” she reveals, showing you, you would have to do it again. “Broadway is definitely a concert that I have ever experienced. I tend, these guys. There are people who are held in Chicago from the beginning, and just what I was in for six weeks, and my body was dead.”

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