Texas patient first, the contract Zika virus in the USA and was Transmitted Through Sexual contact

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The health officials confirmed the first case of Zika virus to be hired in the USA and the disease is transmitted sexually.

Dallas County Health and Human Services, said that the patient was infected after sexual intercourse with a person who returned with the virus Zika Venezuela.

The centers for control and prevention of diseases confirmed the transfer. The patient was not identified and no more information about the patient’s condition was released.

“Now we know that Zika virus can be transmitted during sex, it increases our awareness campaign to the public about the protection of yourself and others,” Zachary Thompson, Dallas County health, Director of the Department, he said. “Besides abstinence, condoms are the best prevention against all sexually transmitted infections”.

The world health organization of Zika virus “danger to public health of international concern, said” on Monday. A rare Declaration has been due to increased fear that Zika infection in pregnant women with microcephaly – a birth defect, which leads to the fact that the head is too small and the anomalies in the brain.

Due to the outbreak of Zika in Brazil in may last year and has been expanded in more than 20 countries in Central and South America. The who warned that the virus “, so explosive” in America, as many as 4 million people may be infected by the end of the year.

The virus is transmitted through the bite of Aedes mosquitoes, although the researcher explores with the possibility of sexual transmission, as the controller of the Colorado virus caught and abroad, according to his wife, handed it back to the UNITED States in 2008.

There are no medications available to try, Zika virus and to date there is no vaccine. “The best strategy is to mosquito bites in affected areas,” says Dr. Denise Jamieson, an official physician who says the CDC, PEOPLE.

“Everyone should have protection against mosquitoes,” she says. “Wear clothes with long sleeves, use insect repellents that are sure to avoid during pregnancy, and in General their bites from mosquitoes.”