The Bullet Hole? Amtrak window and Beat him, a mysterious object in Philadelphia

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Amtrak, officials are trying to determine what beaten and broken, window of the Acela Express No. 2222 in the night of Sunday Bride in the castle section of Philadelphia.

The incident occurred in the second to the last journey by car from the city of Washington in the city of new York, a source tells PEOPLE.

“Amtrak and local authorities are investigating to accept what has happened, including objects of the type to train”, railway officials, said in a statement.

Passengers were surprised and frightened when he heard a loud noise on the right side of the train.

After the witness to strip the image from damage taken, as the hole is drawn.

Passengers said that people getting shot, usually by train.

“It happens all the time,” railway employees said, – said the source.

The train was inspected to check station Metropark Amtrak station in Iselin, new Jersey, will harm. It then continued in new York.

The incident occurred eight months after Amtrak-188 – was driving over 100 miles per hour into a turn at 50 mph is the limit derailed on August 12. May 2015, killing eight people and injuring more than 200.

The consequences, Eli Kulp is a popular chef and owner of the high street was on the market in Philadelphia, is running to be a passenger in a car grilled Luggage, shattering his neck, damaging his spine and paralyzing him from the chest down. Buried under all our stuff, he said that when he tries to move, “there was no response.”

“Fear is a euphemism,” Kulp, 37, said the MAN. “I started about my family, my wife, my son to think about. To go the last thing you expect to happen when she is on the train when death or never be able to return.”

The national safety Board of transportation has to say on the basis of its accident investigation and published information on Monday, she finally called to explain the accident.

Documents, the officer told the NTSB, “about the documentation about the facts that have already been released. Perhaps some will contain new facts that are in these, but nothing really spectacular or Smoking-guns”.