The Governor of Michigan who apologized and flint water crisis: “I’m sorry and I’ll Fix It’

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Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, residents of Flint apologizes done by the way, the crisis of water.

“Their families are facing a crisis, the crisis that they created, and I could not prevent,” said Snyder in his state of the state Tuesday in Lansing. “And you people from flint, I say what I did that night, as I I’m sorry and I will fix it”.

Snyder came under fire for his handling of the crisis, began in April 2014, when officials switch flint flint water from the water source is the Detroit river as a cost-saving measure. The switch has a lead to run from the city’s old water pipes are laid freely thousands of people in chemistry.

“No citizen of a great state should tolerate this kind of disaster. The government at Federal, state and local leaders because of the break for the confidence placed in us,” he said.

Michigan Spit. Rick Snyder offers addressed to your state

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The Governor announced that he released to ensure that your letters on this subject on your website. In addition, a comprehensive Internet – time”, the steps are captured ordered officials to free themselves, to cope with the consequences of the crisis.

“I feel that most everything I have failed you. Something better is earned. You deserve accountability,” he said, referring to the citizens of flint. “You deserve to know that the ball stops here with me. Knowing most of you the truth now, and I have the responsibility to tell the truth.”

Mike Ahrens from Muskegon, Michigan., posing for a photo with his sign on the flint water crisis on Monday

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At a press conference on Tuesday it became known that the flint residents submitted two class-action lawsuits against the Governor and other officials, according to ABC News. A class action lawsuit in Federal court was filed.

Snyder has pledged on demand 28 million US dollars of public funds to provide residents with water and filters for the health of children in the city and improve infrastructure of the city of flint.

“We won’t stop working, so the people of flint, everyone has clean water every day, regardless of what has”, – he said.