The Vampire Diaries Kayla Ewell Married Ex-Boyfriend Tanner Novlan

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The Vampire Diaries Kayla Ewell has found his eternal love.

The star Wednesday, her ex-friend Tanner Novlan in an elegant ceremony nearly 200 of their closest friends and family at the Jonathan club in downtown Los Angeles, in the night of Saturday, the partner confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.

The couple, whose wedding was scheduled, the desire for a miracle, a dream, Michael T. Vega knew five years ago on the set of the Australian Sick puppy’ video for their single “maybe”.

“It was my birthday and I got a call that music video,” says Ewell. “I was with my girlfriend for lunch and she was like, ‘It’s your birthday and you Wake the phone up from nothing, to this video from music? I think you should do it!’ I joke with Tanner was the best birthday that I ever received.”

Novlan is currently filming his next film Flatbush happiness – there was a question that nine months ago, while some friends private yacht promenade in Santa Monica, California.

“Christina, this is a difficult question for a surprise,” says Novlan. “I told the captain on the phone,” We should do it immediately, because the nerves!’ He said, ‘Why can’t I take photos of them before sunset, why you came to me and put his sweater he had a ring on it”. ”

After celebrating with champagne, the couple returned another surprise for Ewell, once detached. “My whole family was flying and had torches and champagne and were jumping up and down,” says the actress. “The party is not yet complete, without my family. It was a really special moment.”

Thank you @kschaar and @doctah_cutri incredible #engagementparty in your #garden

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Choice Jonathan club as the venue for your big day was a “no brainer” for the duet. “He made a lot of sense to me, because we spent a lot of time with my family,” says Ewell. “It is so beautiful and has so much history.”

Partners in the ceremony were the gifts that contain the bride by her uncle, and the first time that he rolled his eyes and on any other day of the wedding was, as Ewell went down the hall.

“It was very important for both of us, the actual time,” says Ewell, she wore Monique Lhuillhier dress. Adds Novlan: “it’s emotional!”

And Yes, Ewell the vampire diaries’ families to participate in the fun. To stand by your side as one of six bridesmaids, was his former co-star candice Accola, who is expecting her first child with her husband Joe king.

“I was at your wedding. If you are with someone, whether you have a bond with them, after she is different from any other feeling,” says Ewell from Accola, leads Jenny Yoo dress, along with five other bridesmaids. “I got two girlfriends pregnant. Dress has an Empire waist that is perfect for your little baby bumps can show you.”

These women we celebrate love best!!!!

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His friend and former co-star Nina Dobrev and her boyfriend Austin Stowell (“I have a movie with him two years ago,” says Ewell) also with the happy couple, together with Michael Trevino, Zach Roerig and Sara canning.

“They are really something special,” says Ewell your Vampire Diaries family. “It was fun, and so much so that all ahead.”

At the front Desk), friends, give your first dance Alabama Shakes – you are not Alone, and Ewell, 93, grandpa will be the song “The Way you Look Tonight” your father-daughter dance.

“There is nothing formal sit down”, says Novlan, wore a tux theory. “We have stations, great food, but a relaxed atmosphere “, you will Enjoy yourself.’ If you want to go to a bar for a drink to go! We want people to mix.” Says Ewell: “we want the atmosphere, so relaxed and fun, so we’re a lively group and we are you have been asked to study the ‘Nae Nae.’ If the dance open house, we want the drinks, the music and the whole world is celebrating.”

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