To help Tennessee mother spring-felt-notes on Apple’s employees, her 9-year-old son with Special needs

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Sometimes, seemingly small moments can be, life changes completely.

One of Nashville, Tennessee, mother has life moving over the words after the usual – shopping, it was tasteless, wrong, a powerful lesson for ‘ s.

In an emotional post sharing to Facebook, LynnMarie track one of the employees of the Apple Store thanked patiently seeks you and your son at the age of 9 years, son of James purchase an iPad on Sunday.

James, who has down syndrome, and autism, to use the iPad as an educational tool. With the help of local organizations, Fiona Murphy from the Fund of mercy, confidence Raised, called the donation to replace the original roto device from Apple. The couple contacted the company, which pushed the Green hills store in search of a replacement last week, but the journey has been temporarily stopped, if you like James without him, wall of glass in the Mall.

Apple employees wall Andrew noticed a couple sitting on the floor, while James and went out again to see how she could help.

“Your employee asked her, ‘What I can do for you?” “Rink” – he wrote. “I said, ‘Well, actually, we came here today to iPad, which James was a gift to buy, but if we’re going to continue, would be willing to sell to us and configure… here on earth?’ And what he did.”

Rink said wall, sat on the floor with James as to set up a new device. “There are no words to accurately describe how thankful I am,” a track written, a special moment.

“He should not sit on the floor with us,” she went on. “He could support it is easy to stand. It would be easy to assume that we can come back another day. But, he went with us in our suffering. Until he received a punch, James, and I took this picture.”

Rink said that the experience reminded him that “all people are doing where they are”, what she is craving for myself after this is “better”.

And then it happened….Nashville people – you can help me, this guy on FB? Or do you know wholesale wigs in the Apple…

Author LynnMarie on Friday, November 22. January 2016
While some might think first, do you remember the name of the employee, the wall was found quickly, after the post became viral. On a separate note, cover Your heart for the author said she was able to get in contact with the wall in Facebook.

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“Hey, Lynn, I want to say thank you for those kind words,”wrote 23-year-old. “I work at Apple, in the hope that the observance of such situations. Post Apple, my hopes to work on-site guidance for youth. Thanks again for my day!”

Rink, Grammy awards, musician, who hopes now, from the wall part of the show Ellen DeGeneres as part #BeKindToOneAnother campaign, which acknowledges that acts of kindness.

And emotional Facebook post more than 15,000 times divided.

“I try as much messages in my Inbox and I thank you all that shared with me his story. People are still vulnerable to the suffering and makes me want to hug you!”, the head mother speaks to PEOPLE. “I understand that pain so well. Therefore, Andrés actions were so important.”

When it comes to raising a child with down syndrome and autism, the track said that she knows there are times when the people around you feel “uncomfortable”, but a little empathy can go a long way.

“We are afraid, a lot! And we know that smoothly. We know that they are nasty! Although we believe that the way I feel, why we want to strive and get that all peace be with you “something” in life and what we have. We do the best we can. One day, they’re about “something”, it makes life difficult and you want someone to sit as Andrew, next to him on the floor,” she says.

James and how he feels after the incident at the Apple store, skating rink, said, “James loves his iPad. Mom loves her iPad! His head fine. He was black and blue for a day or so, but getting better. He’s a soldier – lives all now!”