Victims of Alleged Playboy Mansion attack drops civil suit Against bill Cosby

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Chloe Goins, a former model, who claims that bill Cosby will distinguish you among drug users and sexual violence confirms left her at a party at the Playboy Mansion in 2008, her civil suit against the comedian, PEOPLE.

To submit about a month ago, Los Angeles district Prosecutor’s office refused to open a criminal case in the case.

Federal register the judgment in California show that the lawyer Goins, 25, submitted a voluntary waiver of their requirement today, as Cosby entered the yard, in Pennsylvania, to a connection position, the tightening fornicators in another woman (2004).

Meanwhile, in one case, separately linked to the alleged meeting at the Playboy Mansion, Cosby on Tuesday received the order, the second deposition for a civil lawsuit Judy Huth, who said that he was 15 years old, in 1974, when she said that she was Cosby sexually to her mansion. Huth’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, Cosby first extension in October 2015.

Cosby and his representatives all allegations of sexual abuse or violations of the challenged conduct against him more than 50 women.

Goins claimed that when he was 18 years old, he attended parties at the Villa and felt dizzy and sick to my stomach, after he Played there to drink. She claims that they then brought her to the room where he lost consciousness and woke up with your clothes Cosby to bite the fingers from her breast and “moist and sticky, as if someone had licked it.”

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In January. 6 local district attorney’s office in Los Angeles announced that it found no evidence to support the indictment in Goins’ account. Even Cosby or Goins, detects the outdoor footage-video immigration laws. 9, 2008-event in the Villa, the researchers found evidence that Cosby was in new York at the weekend, and your name did not appear, no guest lists for events in villa summer.

Goins’ request for his civil suit is dismissed “without prejudice” it retains its ability to re-present the case, later. She filed a lawsuit in October of last year.

Cosby is facing charges in Pennsylvania Andrea will Stand, former chief of production, from Temple University basketball team women who say that Cosby sexually you to visit her in her home in January of 2004, after him the pills the offers with her.

Cosby, asserted the defense that guarantees him immunity and, therefore, will not face criminal prosecution in Montgomery County after he agreed, the cooperation Cost in a civil lawsuit against him, give a statement in which he admitted Quaaludes offer the woman he wanted sex.