Why Prince William did This journalism student, Great ball: ‘He is a Prince who Keeps His promises”

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Prince William is a man of his word.

Here’s what Sophia Kichou when it was revealed that he was invited to Kensington Palace, which recently returned from a rare interview with royal.

“He is the Prince who keeps his promises, and he gave me a lot of opportunities,” the 24-year-old journalism student at City University London tells PEOPLE. “I wasn’t finished, and I have already started talks with Prince William, the future king – I hope it’s not the pinnacle of my career!”

The message was forged anew in 2011, when Prince William, 33, attended the event, which are Nearby, non-profit organization for young people without a homeland.

“I lived in a Dorm, if I’m Prince William, and I told her about my dream to become a journalist,” says Kichou. “He told me when I was going to follow my dreams, then one day, he would give me an interview.”

As he sat on the Prince William from the couch in Kensington Palace to conduct interviews for “the Big question”, the magazine, a certain percentage of the income goes directly to the homeless vendor. During an interview 45 minutes, himself the father of two opened himself, about his plans for a cosy family Christmas in Norfolk.

Prince William meets with former Centrepoint resident Sophia Kichou

Louise Haywood-Slate / Big Problem

This ain’t a scene, Kichou had experienced in my childhood a lot. After losing her mother when she was only 8 years old, has a dangerous and unstable family in the house and cared for her until Centrepoint him a warm place to stay, as well as concern.

“Centrepoint the fact that all this happened and supported us, my dream, since I’m in contact with them – they were a big part of this trip,” she says.

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While her big interview, William and Kichou also spoke about the loss of his mother at such an early age, Kichou and I was very impressed with your sense of empathy and sincerity.

“In the beginning, I told him that I was a little nervous, and I said, ‘are you nervous?”, and he said, ‘Yes, I am!” and we laughed. We have seen each subsequent two weeks before the ceremony, and he brought me word, that ask was hard.”