A Gourmet Guide to Open tournament United States

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A Gastronomic Guide to the United States Open Tennis Tournament 25/08/2014 Subscribe at 06:52 PM ET 0SHARES Reprint

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For connoisseurs in the United States in 2014, the courts served Open, began a Monday in New York are as exciting as the balls launched of the baselines and celebrity sightings in the stands.
But if you do not participate in the tournament this year, you can still enjoy a delicious meal inspired tennis from the comfort of your couch. Check out these 6 should serve dishes directly from Thea Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

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And Sandwiches (Grilled Mozzarella and Parmesan) "The Godfather" Zesty Italian Combo
Open in the outdoor terrace roof Heineken House, above the village of food, a chef Mario Carbonea (Parm in the City of New York) Hasa created two delicious Italian sandwiches turn: One is your opinion about the classic combo, the other is a panini with herbs and two types of cheese. Both hearty audience pleasers would be ideal for a holiday US Open clock rate.

Click HERE to Carbone's recipes!

Courtesy Emirates Airlines

Chicken Tikka Masala
Emirates Airlines Chefa Ravi Nage's recipe serves passengers in First and Business Class Airline ⠀ "so you know that there will be a Grand Slam. Boss also the court for guests demo'ing be open on Wednesday evening.

Click HERE to Nage's recipe!

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Honey Deuce Cocktail
Because you drown your sorrows in something, if your favorite player is Losinga € must ", or, raised his glass, when he or she wins). Cocktail Honey Deuce Grey Goose â €" throughout the grounds of the USTA Centera € served "There is a refreshing combination of vodka, raspberry liqueur and lemonade, which embodies last hurray summer.

Click HERE to gray Goose's recipe!

Courtesy Maya

Corn on the cob with chipotle aioli and cheese
Fun Fact: Richard Sandoval, whose empire includes Latin bent over 20 restaurants (such as Maya and Venga Venga), which was once a professional tennis player in Europe. He used this indulgent, easy to snack on skewered corn Mini Open Maya Restaurant.

Click HERE to Sandoval's recipe!

Cindy Loughridge; Courtesy Moet & Chandon

Decorate Champagne Bar
We totally stealing this idea for the next game: At the MOA «t & Chandon Terrace near Arthur Ashe Stadium, guests can open your glass of champagne with add-INSA such as lemon and lime slices, strawberries, raspberries and herbs personalize fresh. Purists can also order your champagne straight and simple.

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Courtesy Nick Solares

Original Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich
Meat Master Pat LaFrieda provider, working with restaurants like Shake Shack and New York's The Spotted Pig, bringing tennis fans the dish was first released in the near Citi Field Mets. It is hearty enough to hold that, even if you are watching the game goes into extra time would be.

Click HERE to LaFrieda's recipe!

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