A letter to my younger sister, who is not there for me

Posted by: Newswalle

We are very different. You always were. The age difference and the distance was part of it. We loved each other very much, talk, email and text messages often. But now we are virtually unknown.

The birth of his son, my beautiful, wonderful nephew, my partner happened around the same time seriously ill. We moved closer to you how you thought it would be better for all of us. When she was his little family, my ray of sunshine through the nightmare I lived. Then my partner died and worse.

As a young widow is not fun. I appreciate the proximity to a widow is not funny either. However, I always make sure I'm not going to mourn in public, I keep a good face when there are people around, I pretend I'm okay, make jokes, talk about the weather and I'm a good listener for other people's problems. I do what I can.

It is a different story behind closed doors. You know, the thing between sisters that you want to be there for each other. I am. I was. Always. I helped in many ways. I cooked, cleaned. I was there to listen, embrace, mourn with you to assist you. I never see them, I heard if you complained about your in-laws or family. I always thought to be friendly and non-judgmental were part of Brotherly Love.

But then I showed you my weak side. When for the first time – on the anniversary of the death of my partner – I was told that I was lonely and heartbroken and I was having some kind of collapse, he could witha check or do something, said he was meI pathetic I should stop, take you on – you do not feelguilty my misfortune. I noticed the Brotherhood was a way love affair.

Motherhood has not changed him. You will always be the spoiled child wanting to be their own way. We walked on eggshells with you know, his character, also know that they are likely to give us the silent treatment if you were not satisfied with something was said or done. And I, who am the eldest, it would be reasonable that one effort to adapt and also to make peace for you.

I always thought that this side of you would soften over time, but no love for anyone who left his heart, but his son. You are not impatient with people unfriendly, even vicious. You judge for yourself and have no empathy.

Worse. They are jealous of the bond that I do. Having your child The only time that I have to forget my sadness when I'm with him. We had fun, the two of us: we laugh, play and read together, it may be nonsense. We are in this and it is wonderful. I love you and I strive to provide a good aunt for him to be. You do not want anything else. I hate to be around.

So I cut the activities of the family, you do not have to pass on messages, so you do not understand, if your child ask for me. I do not know what's going on in your life, because I'm not part of your business. And no one says anything for fear of it to do the same.

Yesterday was the last straw. I have been sick for some time, and I do not care. Not even what I suffer. She knew that he go to the hospital because our mother. You do not call sooner or later, no matter offered to take me there.

We are not sisters. Is OKwith me. I'm going to feel better. I'm going to deal with.

I just hope that your child will not be like you. He is a young man, so beautiful, so sweet and funny. I just hope it will not be his only model.