All About-Prince-George, Dear Hospital Suit

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All About-Prince-George, Dear Hospital Suit
05/03/2015 02:00 PM ET




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You leave the car and drive your way to find her younger sister for the first time, on Saturday, big brother, Prince George couldn’t have looked more cute.

Steal the show (not wanting to, obviously) in the traditional short, blue and Navy blue knitted cardigan, complete with matching socks long, designer, model, view says blue is a favorite color Kate from him.

“She says it looks very nice blue”, Amaia Arrieta, owners Amaia boutique in Chelsea Green says to the people, and added: “He’s blond with blue eyes, so blue it fits so well – it looked so beautiful!”

Princess Kate, this was a customer in the store of George was a small child, bought a blue jacket, and a coincidence, long socks (Kate is a big fan of $10 socks and bought a few pairs, and in November visited a small shop, Chelsea Green, shortly before the Australian royal tour. Shorts and shirt combo other favorite Kate kidswear designer Rachel Riley.

“It’s unbelievable, like any other mother, she talks about how Prince George is growing and how he’s doing. For us, just to be treated like any other customer,” says Arrieta, already in the process of operation is self-catering and co-founder of Ségolène cod for ten years.

Have visited Amaia several times, Kate has become quite regularly and never get special treatment. “She’s really gorgeous, she asked our names, and they are very grateful and always in a good mood, never in a hurry. All felt very comfortable with her.”

Only buy (although it was the first time mom) Kate knows exactly what you like it, if it is their son style settings. “Each piece is very classic and traditional. They usually apply for any type of clay, blue, because she says it looks very nice in blue,” says Russian, was born-the designers, whose projects also require a Harper Beckham.

Although Kate usually happy to buy in the store themselves, the great mother, pregnant, had to depend on online purchases last week (although she has sent staff to collect items).

“She bought a few new things, cardigans, shirts & tops for George, but she can’t be bought, not for a newborn, nevertheless,” says the designer, although Kate could not resist girls looking women last time I was in the store.

“I think you should be so happy because every mother so happy, girl.”

And regarding Kate, Oh, my day—real hospital view: “I couldn’t believe it — heels! Typically, water retention, and feet were swollen, but she looked stunning, so cheerful and happy.”
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— Monique Jessen