Because New awk (?) Have not I seen Dave week

Posted by: Newswalle

Well guess what * is * very controversial, but in my humble opinion Chiltern Firehouse is really not remotely over, I mean, I said mother maybe it's because I went to art school, but TBH I do not care if Lineker go there it large class, such as the divisions of age crumble and wish Dave would involve the debate, but, baby seems even I do not have this terrible place, I'm like, looking for girls, forgotten speak for the last time, it's just that no one has recognized, plus it defo let us in the VIP bar when Chloe Green? It's like, girl, the day he ever left the Blair peak Firehouse for me, so I'm like, well sorry Bradley Cooper * swoon * I mean, I'm not just ask Stephen Fry the crab stuffed donut is divine, as you as Dave, soz babes, places to visit, to win the election, I'm like whatevs, I'm going to take the mummy, at least she appreciated ceiling treatment awe?

Now mother agrees firehouse could * be * Ivy completely new, so call to come Dave, it's like, what babes'm in New York, I'm like awesome God, you must contact Alexa she appaz with this full-on the hydration of the crisis? It's like New York, babes, New Orc, I'm like God Hilair name what time it is there, it is as it is a city very close to Scotland and in fact is quite well known, I'm like OMG is the same as when we found the access floor was a thing of the way, if you could choose upsome mozzarella real stores, I am so busy here with Mom, it's like, are you with Ukip to jokes, I am like, well, I think provolone would be good, but he's like, oh, wait, Boris is a real person, laters babes, let me Boris's really found a job, ay 'oop me old cock in Ilkla Moor Baht' atinnit but.

So New Awk I have not seen Dave forweeks: (((I do not mean sayswe be satisfied, I'm serious as, Girls, ask anyone who has ever been toChiltern Firehouse – Country whyon NO ()?