Bertney And Incredible Team Magicked Bikini

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Bertney And Incredible Team Magicked Berkini Belly
Positive Reinforcement Readers

Was a special day for Bertney. Was the cut to see the beautiful old judge, the one who always had the best message to tell, dad.
“Well, Mr. spears,” said the judge, from his high seat of wood. “After the material observations that so generously provided, I shudder to think what would have happened if the woman spears had the right to make decisions for yourself. It from you for another year!” And he beat her, a small hammer, and Bertney clapped his hands and laughed. Was your favorite part.
“Does this mean that together we will live forever?” Bertney asked dad with enthusiasm.
“Yes, Yes,” dad”, she said with a tired smile. Bertney question, does he have enough sleep. “Now we got you with your swimsuit photo. As we run for.”
“Swimsuit photo? But I don’t want to take, swimsuit, photo!” Bertney began to moan. Dad always carries eat ice cream after the cut, he thought, diet! But before you even word can’t say, it was already night-night, again. Bertney remember not to get, but of course she was not asleep and dreaming machines, French fries. Eat them whole highway!
If Bertney woke up, she was in a strange room, was wearing a swimsuit, looked around and waited for dad to show Frappucino that soft feeling in my head to stop. He always knows how to make everything better.
“Why, Hello,” said an unfamiliar voice from the corner. “How are you today?”
Bertney looked up and saw a man who understood that he had in the TV. She was dressed in a Bathrobe and cleaning himself with a handkerchief. Bertney didn’t even know what to do, and asked suddenly, for some reason had to take a bath.
“Doctor Bucksdouble?” “she asked. “What are you doing here?”
“Theo! I don’t think you recognized me.”
And, what fun it is to say, people threw money in Bertney and ran to the door. The nicest thing that someone has done for them.
“Back!”, – he exclaimed. “I just want to be friends!”
“Bertney”, ” what my dad said when he rushed into the room. “Who speaks?”
Bertney that a lot of thinking about what you must say. Dad told him many, many times, be careful when you talk about chocolate faces. And also not to mention the chocolate for a person. It was a start, confusing.
“Well,” dad said, while stroking him on the head. “Now, we’re not there yet, so we have these pictures. I mean, first of all, the game on time! You have a special play time”.
“Nuh-uh, pictures! She said that the pictures! Dad, I hate pictures!” Bertney cried. But, before they could collect, chair, it was night, in the night back. She was a Princess, fighting with the evil dragon – pudding. Chocolate Jell-O pudding to be exact. Was a silly dream, Bertney for the rest of his life.
If Bertney woke up, dad and other people saw on the computer screen with Bertney in a swimsuit. You were all sorts of funny things on his stomach, suddenly he made Bertney very hungry.
“Grr-Oh,-disgust-blarble!”, he said, while all turned to her.
“It sounds like someone need to eat,” dad”, she said with a smile. “Who wants ice cream?”
“I am!” Bertney creaked. Every day is always the best day with my dad around you.

In The Finals.

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