Caitlin Jenner Opens up To the reception, girls night With her daughter-in-law, who Knew Before conversion: “Nobody”

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Although Caitlin Jenner, the transition from Bruce to Caitlin headlines for 2015, the former Olympic participants, supports before participating in the girls night of the year.

“Two years ago, I started something called a ‘Girls night’,” Jenner, 66, told the crowd, which was held Tuesday at the 2016 conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. “If you have no ideas. All my life when you said, ‘Girls night’, you said, Come out of the room, where you ran away from us.’ I always, ‘I can’t believe I got dumped.’ ”

Jenner said in the conduct of the wife of the conference: “so, two years ago I started night, girls. I have my daughter-in-law [Lea Jenner], a few close friends. No one knew. I was in my house. We were to celebrate the theme, the dress, all these things. They were really big. The group began to grow.”

With a small group of women, growing, Jenner decided to make things official “Girls night” – bracelets.

“I said for Christmas a little over a year,” Jenner. “The girl’ bracelets night voted. It was incredible! Had elected to find the bracelet, and they were officially in the night, girls!”

Before his transition to ‘go’, not Jenner in the top of the agenda.

“For many years I was very lonely,” I said the kite star. “I mean, I have a house in Malibu, and literally almost six years did not go to me … I never felt like she fits me everywhere. I didn’t come up with guys, and I didn’t fit with the girls. I’m a little stuck, right in the center. Isolation was, by far, the best thing you can do.”

Today, Jenner became known, hit the town with friends. However, nothing can beat a day, the conference room was full of women, Tuesday.

“I would just say that you know, this is the biggest girl in the night, you could possibly” Jenner. “You’re all here. You that will be chosen, you will receive the bracelet, but we will work!”