Dead 13-year-old girl, Virginia Madison Nicole Lovell Struggled intimidation and pain, share online, Says mother

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Long before Madison Nicole Lovell was found dead, presumably a student from Virginia Tech, 13-year-old already have their share of problems stood.

Shortly after she was born, and his family realized that his abdomen was swollen because the tumor in the liver. Her transplantation was performed 10 months, and he requires medication daily double.

At the age of 4 years she was diganosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. His acute respiratory syndrome followed, fell into a coma for 6 months. She developed MRSA in the hospital.

“You had to go through a 1-percent chance,” said his mother, Tammy weeks, he said at a press conference Tuesday, where he courageously fought tears as he spoke. “Once again, you can beat the odds.”

7. the degree of social adaptation at school. “She doesn’t like to go to school because she was a victim of bullying,” weeks told the Washington Post. “She told me as the girls were to say that she was fat and to talk about his scars transplantation”.

Like many other teenagers, he and Nicole seemed to be a lot of time online, with multiple profiles in groups of adolescents.

In your main Instagram page, as well as dozens of selfies, she has posted screenshots of text conversations with several people, including her father, she tells him, “get a life.”

But despite the friction between Nicole and her father who explained to him publicly for his return after she disappeared. After Nicole discovered the body of David Lovell and demanded answers.

“These two people-my daughter is on this planet, and I want to know why,” said WSLS-TV. “I want you all of the information they can get.”

Nicole Madison Lovell, 13, was found dead Thursday after disappearing Wednesday

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Friend: “you Could light Habitación’Despite its many challenges, Nicole was deeply loved by his family and friends. “You all,” said her boyfriend, Jason Deisinger, tells PEOPLE. “Honestly, she could decorate a room, regardless of how the mood.”

“…There was only one person, full of enthusiasm,” Deisinger. “I really didn’t know what would come along with it. Probably had a friend who couldn’t live without him. It was the basis of everyday life.”

But now, Lovell and Nicole went. His uncle Roanoke Times said the teenager, it is likely that climbed out of the window; his family said that they found a chest pushed against the girl to the door of the room.

It is not clear what is the role of Nicole, the Internet has played in his death, but researchers believe that she knew the male suspects, killing, student, Virginia Tech David Eisenhauer. He is charged with the prosecution of serious crimes as first-degree murder, kidnapping.

The second student, Natalie accused the guards, the fee of the crime, the improper disposal of a corpse and insult countdown abettor in the Commission of a serious crime.

As in the case of a legal action against the suspect is moving forward, who is close with Nicole allowed herself to feel the pain, the death of the woman I loved, pandas and American Idol.

“Our hearts pain continues to flow in sadness and secret tears,” the family said in a statement. “That meant to lose, no one will know”.

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