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Courtesy of Natural Health

It is the side of Kourtney Kardashian on camera sees: his role as a police pantry Kardashian family.

"I take apart all pantries," Natural Health magazine said in its issue SeptemberÂ, on sale August 7th "You think I'm super annoying."

Organic food is addicted to regularly at the home of her mother Kris Jenner â € Patrol "and if tickets were issued, it would be to have a battery." Saw my mother preparing a meal for my children, and I said, 'This cheese is used you? This is the butter? "But I think that's only part of it, the grandmother's house."

The pregnant reality star tells the magazine that was not asked why choosy with the foods that you eat. She took her clean living attitude â € "Â and techniques of alternative medicine Ayurveda â €" after their children, Mason, 4, and Penelope, second

"When I came home from school, my snack was a bag of chips or cookies, and as an adult, I did not even know what organic meant â €" I just go to the market to buy, what my mother bought. I really have not thought about it before I my children, "she says.

After both children breastfed for over a year, the focus was on the food when the children began to eat solids. "I started her own baby food, all organic," she says. "After that, I was very careful about what their diet imagine."

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In recent years it has become like cleaning Panchakarma treatment includes detoxification massage therapy and herbs to rejuvenate your body and your mind and your yoga teacher humble him in a new way of preparing food at home. "We want to do yoga for an hour and then stay for an hour and cook with me," he says. "That's where I get all my rules in our house, everything, to do everything. Whole milk and full-fat cheese and use ghee and coconut oil for cooking what we do.".

Courtesy of Natural Health

While certainly makes exceptions when his family ⠀ "including her boyfriend Scott Disick ⠀" on the fly, eat organic when you can and try to keep the stored food and snacks in your own healthy pantry. With another baby on the way, but you definitely hear her belly: "I try to eat very healthy, but I think it is fun and important to your request for development Nilla wafer cookies every time I hear a thing .. I do not know why! "

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